Monday, November 12, 2012

My week in nails

Welp, another week has come and gone with nary a post from yours truly. Sad and triflin' I know. I want to be able to post more but, the only way I'm going to accomplish that is if I either get rich enough to afford hired help or miraculously stumble upon human cloning technology and make enough mes to go around. As always, though,  I have been taking pics of my manis (well, the ones that lasted long enough for me to get pics of, that is) and I have a few of those pics to share with you today.

The mani above is brought to you by Maybelline's Color Show Line. They have recently released a set of limited edition kryptonite glitter polishes called 'Sequins.' Of course, whilst out running errands, I happened upon a display of said polishes and 3 of them somehow found their way into my cart (go to the store for diapers, come home with diapers....and several bottles of nail polish. Story of my frickin life). This pretty is known by the name "Sapphire Masquerade." It consists of multiple sizes of blue-violet glitter (I wouldn't consider this a true blue) with some larger bright purple glitters thrown into an inky blue jelly base. Freakin LOVE. Easy to work with. GREAT coverage and it actually managed to not feel like sandpaper despite being a glitter bomb. Pictures are 2 coats of Sapphire Masquerade with 2 coats of Seche Vite on top. Moving right along......

This is the crazy ass mani I came up with to celebrate the fact that, after last week's election,  gays can get married in even more states now!! YAAAAAY!! Granted I intentionally keep politics off this blog because I want it to be simply about the awesome escapism that pretty shiny things bring into our lives BUT  I have no problem publicly stating that I am all for equality for ALL human beings, no matter what they look like, what they have between their legs,  how much money they make,  where they live, what they believe or who they take to bed with them. And where else is a nail polish fiend supposed to express her happiness over more victories for gay rights than on  the tips of her fingers??

 This mani was done with Wet N Wild black creme., then came a coat of an old and unfortunately pretty impossible to  find Fantasy Makers rainbow bar glitter polish from a few years back called Black Magic (yes the other OTHER version of that polish). After that,  I  free-handed some half moons with Essie No Place Like Chrome, glitterfied the half moons with a silver glitter Kiss nail art striper, stuck on a rainbow combo of rhinestones &  Badda-boom badda-bing, ya got some Yay for the Gays nails. 

After I used Essie No Place like Chrome for those half-moons, I decided I needed even more of that awesome shiny in my life. And, to shiny it up even more,  I reached for Color Club Platinum Record (from last year's insane Backstage Pass glitter collection). The above mani is 1 coat of No Place like Chrome with 2 coats of Platinum Record dabbed on & 1 coat of Gelous + Seche Vite to finish. Gotta love BLINDING disco ball nails. Trying to get pics of this was pretty much im-freakin-possible. Seriously, my camera was about to jump out of my hands & walk out the door it was so fed up (us nail bloggers always put our poor cams through such hell). 

So that's all I got for ya this time. Thanks to those of you who actually still bother to stop by!  I like to think I will be able to post with some semblance of consistency one fine day--like maybe 20 years from now when all my boys are all grown up... Until next time,  Peace and pretty things to all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

NOTD: Nicole by OPI All is Glam, All is Bright

Nicole by OPI has been on a roll lately as far as I am concerned. Their Target exclusive fall collection was stunning for the most part and their new Target Exclusive Kardashian holiday collection (I know I cringe at the idea of giving that family a cent of my money but cannot.resist.gravitational.pull.of. awesome.polish!!!) has a few gems too. When   I saw this beauty in the store, I absolutely had to have it. People meet All is Glam, All is Bright:

outdoors afternoon sun

outdoors shade

Itty bitty adorable little nano glitters make this polish up--I see red and silver and baby blue. Absolutely stunning--like a christmas ball in a bottle. When on the nail, the polish almost gives off a sort of lavender hue but all the individual glitter colors are still discernable and the red just pops out so beautifully. This polish is definitely unique and gorgeous and the absolute must-have of the Holiday collection if you ask me. 

The formula takes a little coaxing. I applied 3 thin coats to reach opacity and there was a bit of balding and dragging involved. I applied a coat of Gelous before finishing with Seche Vite because the polish had a slight grittyness to it by itself. Also, alone, the polish dries fairly matte so if you want smooth shinyness you're gonna have to work a little for it but in the end it is sooooo worth it.

Have you picked up any of Nicole by OPI's recent offerings? They really have been impressing me lately!! It's hard to find unique polishes to add to your collection when your stash is 1000+ bottles strong, but Nicole keeps hooking me up!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My makeup from Halloween

Just wanted to do a quick post to show you all the makeup I did for Halloween. Since I am obsessed with all things Dia de los Muertos, I went with that as my theme. 

This isn't the greatest picture and it was hours after I had initially applied the makeup but that's all because Halloween is pretty hectic when you got 3 little kids around to dress up! We had fun though and got an absolutely absurd amount of candy (trick or treating in densely packed military housing always brings a windfall of noms!)...

Products used:

Manic Panic Goth White creme makeup
ELF HD setting powder
Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Color wheel
NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Black Bean
Wet N Wild Color Icon single in Panther
Random old Rimmel black eyeliner pencil
Sally Girl glitter adhesive
Glamour Doll Eyes Eyelights in Fierce, Rave and Legit

I do love Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday for several reasons, some of which being: 1) it's all about the spooky things and I luvz me some spooky things. 2) It's the only time it's actually ok to accept free candy from random strangers?? 3) You can rock all kinds of kooky getups and no one gives you the stink eye or tries to have you committed. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!