Monday, February 6, 2012

On-the-go haul post..

Out running errands & spotted a CVS I haven't been to of course I had to go inside & I came out with these. Among the pictured are:

-2 of the new Wet N Wild bronzers

-4 MORE of the Spoiled polishes (LOVING these)

- 2 of the new Wet N Wild Mega-last polishes

-2 shades from the new L'Oreal polish line

- Sinful Cinderella & Essie Armed & Ready (they are finally mine!)

-some Nicole by OPI (2 of the Kar-douche-ian polishes that I don't already have & 2 totally new shades I've never seen before, one of which has BAR glitter)...

-and last but NOT least is what looks like a true BLACK lipgloss (new from Rimmel)-I can't believe I found a black lipgloss in the drugstore in a month other than October!...

So anyway, stay tuned as I wade thru all my recent haulage! Will have the scoop on this very promising looking black gloss ASAP!

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