Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot holy haul post

So guess who woke up fever-free and feeling much better. Of course, in order to celebrate, I treated myself to a morning of crazy, epic, marathon haulage. Observe: 

Stop 1: Rite Aid, where I got the following:
NYC Blushable creme sticks in Plaza Pink and South St Seashell (I have all the other shades so I wanted to grab these 2 cuz the hoarder in me insists on complete collections); new Wet N Wild Coloricon shadow singles in Trashed, Platinum, Gold Digger, Sell Out, and Stagedive Surf (also Sugar, another older single that I've been meaning to get); LA Girl Glitter Addict polish in Celebrate (what can I say, it jumped out at me--I have tons of multi-colored glitters but so far, none like this one); and finally, all the Sally Hansen HD polishes were clearanced, so a bunch of them hopped into my basket just because...

 STOP 2: CVS, which brought me:
Random Milani polish on 75% off clearance; new Spoiled polishes in Jewelry Heist, Toad-ally Amazing, Checkin Into Rehab (dark purple with gorgeous gold flakes), Cougar Attack (much like the On The Prowl collection's Cougar Attack), Shrimp On The Barbie (gold flakes in a peachy pink), Trust Fund Baby (rumored to be a repackaging of On the Prowl's Correction Tape), Tattle Tell (sic) & Steel the Show; Essie Navigate Her (so excited to get this. I've been lemming this greyed-out celery green to death ever since swatches started popping up on the blog-o-sphere); Revlon Lip Butters in Berry Smoothie and Pink Truffle (I LOVES me some lip butters--I think I have like 14 of them now. I just can't stop buying them!); Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, Pomegranate Punk and Tough as Taupe (yay-- now I have the whole collection); Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale (I already have Fresh Pink, Plum Wine and Coffee Cake...not sure if I'm gonna pick up the other shades or not)...cha-frickin-ching

Stop 3: NEX Salon
Unless you're a military wife, you probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I say NEX. Well NEX= Navy Exchange, aka a fantastically wonderful tax-free, discount department store for miltary wives like me to go haul their butts off at. The stores also frequently have in-house salons where I get OPIs at $6 a pop. Above is the Nicki Minaj collection sans Save Me (which I already have) and Superbass (which I don't want. yea--so.over.crackles).

 STOP 4: The NEX store
First, I had to grab some essentials--my beloved Organix Keratin stuff (with which I beat my insanely curlified hair into submission); Udderly Smooth (makes my re-DONKulously dry, itchy skin happy); Exchange Select (the NEX's house brand) makeup remover; some random Milani pencils; Tweezerman Tweezers (for $8!!); The Wet N Wild 6 pan shadows (figured I better snatch them up before they become impossible to find); random Milani blushes and......BEHOLD:

Yes indeedy, those are DISCONTINUED Mega-Eyes trios--Egyptian Sands and Mojave Mauves. This is another awesome thing about the NEX. They tend to have old, long-gone makeup randomly mixed in with current stuff. It's freaking awesome. They also tend to get LE collections in much later than the rest of the world. For instance, they had brand new displays of the Wet N Wild Sparkle City cream shadow sets from the Holidays, a new display of the Revlon Just Tinted nail polishes, AND they had all the Project Runway L'Oreal stuff--a whole huge display of it and it was all on clearance too!

 Stop number frickin FIVE: Sally's

Not really sure what that 'Hair One' thing is. The sales lady was hell-bent on making me buy it and, after hours of shopping, I was too exhausted to resist. Plus it says it's good for curly hair. I'm all about stuff that will make my hair less crazy. I grabbed a bunch of Savvy polishes because they were on clearance. Same deal with China Glaze Holly-Day, and Finger Paints Comet's Collar, and Orly Emberstone. Far be it from me to resist a deeply discounted polish (even if I had NO interest in it whatsoever previously). I also FINALLY found Twisted--flaky rainbow awesomeness, you are finally mine! Up until today, they had every other flakie EXCEPT Twisted. I was ALL kinds of ninja grabby hands when I spotted that little gem sitting amongst all the bottles of Flashy (yawn). Oh yea, and can't forget the Hoofers Choice nail and cuticle cream. LUUURVE that stuff!

So there you have it. That's what happens when I'm cooped up inside for too long. Ain't nobody can haul like this mutha right here. 

All the other makeup aside, today I got 27 bottles of polish. and, believe it or not, that's not even a record for me! 
Bob Ross had Happy Little Trees, I have Happy Little Polishes.

Expect massive swatch posts showing off all these goodies--especially the new Spoiled polishes--soon!!

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