Friday, February 3, 2012

This week's Blog of Awesomeness is (drumroll please)...

Loodie Loodie Loodie, or, as I like to call her, a living, breathing nail care encyclopedia. You see, Loodie isn't just ANY nail blogger. She's a nail blogger who is a SCIENTIST and she busts that science out all over her blog, all in hopes to teach her readers how to care for their nails.

Don't think that, just because Loodie is all sciency that her blog is a boring read--quite the contrary. She's funny as hell as well as amazingly knowledgeable and her posts will learn ya something and entertain you all at the same time! Got a nail break? Loodie will tell ya how to fix it. Dealing with peelies? Loodie will teach you what peelies are, why they happen and how to deal with them. Ever been curious about the anatomy of the nail? Go read Loodie. Wanna know what fat nails are? Loodie Loodie Loodie--she's got the scoop.

Here are my favorite Loodie posts:

The post that taught me about nail shape
The post about how to be nice to your nails
All the awesome posts that taught me how to file my nails, what to file them with and why metal files are the devil

So rock on Loodie and thank you for sharing all your wholesome sciency goodness with us. Me and my nails thank you for your funny, smart,  well-written, helpful hint-filled Blog of Awesomenesssssss ::::echoing awesomeness...awesomeness...awesomeness:::::


  1. Oh wow! Thank you! Instead of confetti I would like to throw cuticle oil all over the place. :D

    1. Omg im so glad you noticed my post :::feels special::: ...i just hope i did your kick-ass, smartypants blog some justice :)

  2. Thanks for the link. I just found your blog from NTMS, I like your writing style. Just followed. Hope you'll come check me out too. ;)

    1. Thanks! Glad you dig my goofy style; i try not to take myself too seriously. :) going to check out your blog in 3....2....1 (click!)


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