Saturday, February 25, 2012

A note about comments and a list of what I'm working on

Ok, I just noticed that, for some mysterious reason, my mail box has been sending all my blog comment notifications into my spam folder! :( As a result, I have only just now discovered a ton of comments that I didn't know about. I am SO sorry for the delay in responding to those comments! Stupid email filters!! I THINK I fixed the problem so I should get my comment notifications in my inbox now--so no more annoying delays, I promise! Also, in addition to comments, you can always email me at I love getting email--reading and responding to it gives me an excuse to not do housework!

I'm working on a few different posts that I'll be bustin out in the next few days or so. Here's what my lucky readers have to look forward to:

--swatches of all the GAWGEOUS Chromalusts from my redonk Sugarpill haul--and maybe even a look or 2 provided I can handle the mind-blowing awesomeness!
--swatches, reviews & dupe comparisons of 3 of the new NYC nail polish shades (High Line Green, Water Street Blue, and a magenta/blue/gold glitter whose name absolutely refuses to come to mind at the moment..grrr)
--MOAR stash porn (Color Club, Nicole By OPI and Revlon polishes are up next!)
--a tour of my makeup table and the products that are so awesome they've earned a permanent place there
--the usual random NOTD & FOTD posts

Also, my recent fuchsia lips post inspired me to do more color posts for more products. For example: my favorite green polishes, red lippies, purple shadows, peach blushes...I think you get the point :)--lots of these will be coming up in the near future.

Of course, I am always open for suggestions for posts...anything you wanna see on here? If I can pull it off without breakin any laws, I'm happy to oblige your requests! 

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  1. Sounds great, Mama! Looking forward to reading and seeing all of these!


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