Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spoiled Trust Fund Baby layered over Checkin into Rehab

I got a free minute, so I decided to layer Trust Fund Baby over my existing mani of Checkin into Rehab. Here are the results:

Please excuse any errant glitter pieces & dry cuticles. I didn't clean up or moisturize before the pic because I was just trying to snap some shots before I lost too much daylight. 

(click pictures to enlarge)

It has been rumored that Trust Fund Baby is a repackaged version of Correction Tape, from Wet N Wild's massively popular & frustratingly elusive LE On the Prowl collection. I was one of the unfortunate souls who never managed to track down an On the Prowl display, so I can't comment on any dupeness. All I know is I love this polish! It's full of mid-sized hex AND square glitters in teal blue, gold, magenta and (bestill my gothic heart) black (the teal and the gold glitters are hex-shaped and the black and gold are square). 

These chunkier glitter polishes can be a pain in the butt to work with and this one was no exception. In my experience, I have found that dabbing or sort of stippling the polish onto the nail--rather than trying to stroke it on in any kind of regular way, helps distribute the glitter more evenly. If you try to stroke it on, all the glitter ends up either at the base or at the tip of the nail. I had to fuss with the glitters a bit to get them positioned well and that fat mop of a brush didn't help matters--but it wasn't impossible. I top coated everything with my trusty Out the Door and everything managed to dry nice and even and surprisingly not overly thick. 

So it's love once again for another Spoiled polish and deep, burning hate for the brush...I'm seriously looking into getting a bunch of empty polish bottles to rehome these gorgeous laquers...


  1. I haven't bought one of these Spoiled polishes yet but I want to. I've been sick in bed all week and I'm afraid that once I get out to buy them, all the other divas in town will have snatched them all up. Nooooo!!!! :)
    I like the color combo you did here!

    1. That was me last week--sick in bed and worrying all the healthy chicks were gonna snatch all the goodies lol. Hope you are feeling better now!

  2. Hey if you put another coat of checkin into rehab on top you'll be amazed to see what happens...


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