Sunday, February 26, 2012

NOTD & FOTD turquoise & pink & flakies (oh my)

Haven't done a NOTD/FOTD post in a while so I thought I'd kick one out. Here's what I'm rockin:

Nails = OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips (quite possibly the most perfect bright pink creme ever concocted) with Zoya Chloe on top. Oh how I luvzz tha flakies. 

(click to enlarge)

Yes my cutez be gnarly. Of course, they look even worse close-up. Thank God my hands aren't this inflated in real life!

Of course, I didn't even come close to capturing the awesome light-of-1000-suns, burning ember effect of the flakies on camera (the last darker indoor shot is the only one that comes close). It is freaking amaze-balls in person. Seriously, I've basically done nothing but stare at my nails all day long. 

 Well, that's a lie. I was able to stop staring at my nails long enough to paint my face:

Normally, I steer clear of blue & turquoise eyeshadows, mainly because I don't think those shades do much for my eye color. Also, every time I see blue eyeshadow, it always makes me think of Mimi from The Drew Carrey Show. Anyone remember Mimi?

Oh who am I kidding, I look just like her...still, it was fun to play with a color I don't usually touch. 

Here's what you need if you, too, want to get the Mimi look:

Almay Clear Complexion foundation, powder & concealor
Garnier Anti-dark circle eye roller
Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink
Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow

NYX HD eyeshadow base
BH Cosmetics 120 palette, 1st edition (I'll make & upload a chart for this to show which shades I used)
ELF Creme liner in black
Jordana Fabuliner in black
Maybelline The Falsies Flared mascara

ELF Brow Kit in medium
ELF clear mascara/brow gel

NYC Liquid Lipshine in Fashion Ave Fuchsia

Anyone else have a certain shade of makeup they avoid because of some kind of silly association they have with it?


  1. Replies
    1. i am such a flakie addict. but i swear i loved flakies before they were 'cool' lol

  2. Love the nails and the eye makeup. The blue does a lot to bring out your eye color, which, by the way is lovely. And you look nothing like Mimi.

  3. loove the combo.. and LOL blue eyeshadow ALWAYS makes me think of Mimi as well hahahah. it looks great on you though!!

    1. lol thank you! and glad im not the only one stuck with that association :)


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