Monday, February 20, 2012

NOTD featuring new Sinful Colors shade Daredevil

I snagged this the other day when I was at Walgreens raiding the Sinfuls displays in the last hours of the $.99 sale. This is new Sinful shade Daredevil:

Oh hi there, hot pink awesomeness.

God I hate my hands in these close ups...they just look like gigantic puffy meatmits...

This polish is what I like to call a 'secret shimmer' in that the shimmer is barely there and only comes out in certain lights. It also has a slight violet flash. It is very bright--verging on neon and, consequently, on its own, it dries to a semi-matte finish. A coat of Seche Vite shines it up right quick, though. 

The formula was pretty good. No streaking or dragging or whatnot. The consistency was a bit runny, so be sure to wipe the brush well on the rim of the bottle or you'll definitely end up flooding your cuticles. Dry time was nice and quick. I can never comment on wear because I change my polish every 2 seconds too frequently to really test its durability. 

I do have other shades that look like this in my collection. Orly Oh Cabana Boy comes to mind. But I personally can NEVER have too many bright pink polishes so I don't mind its dupe-age at all. 

I also snatched up another new Sinful when I got this one: Island Coral, which will be making its appearance on here shortly...

I gotta say, Sinful has become my very favorite drugstore cheapo nail polish over the past few years or so. They offer SO many shades in SO many finishes and, for the most part, they're good quality (I've come across a few I didn't like but NO polish company hits a homerun every single time)....and, best of all, I can bring home a crazy, clanking, double-bagged haul of them without putting myself in the poorhouse...

This is reminding me, I gotta keep going on my nail polish stash porn series. Better get on that!


  1. This color looks amaaazing on your little meatmits, which, by the way, don't look meaty at all. The look like, well, normal fingers. Can't wait to see the Island Coral; coral is one of my very fav colors. I wear peach/coral lipsticks all the time.

    1. thank you for the reassurance. it's just so odd to see extreme closeups of your own hands lol. I'm a fan of peachy/coral shades on the lips but don't have too many polishes that shade because I can never find any that are "fun" enough, so I'm excited for Island Coral.

  2. This is a really pretty pink!!

    1. yep--it landed on my "best pinks ever" list as soon as I tried it on.

  3. I laughed hard at puffy meatmits. xD

  4. Don't feel bad about your meatmitts (which I agree with the above comment that they don't look like meatmitts at all). I took a picture of my new watch recently for my blog, and because of the perspective, it looks kinda like a turkey leg with a timepiece strapped on. :(


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