Friday, February 17, 2012

Dupe-atude and Dupe-ability--Spoiled Toad-ally amazing vs every other mint green I own

(...ok I lied. I actually have more mint green polishes than just these--they just weren't as dupe-alicious as these were...)

Hey, look, it's me again...and I'm STILL talking about Spoiled polishes. I promise, after this post, I won't mention them EVER AGAIN (unless of course you want me to--your wish is my command, dear readers!!)...just delivering that dupe comparison post I told you about. Ok, so here's the suspects in their line-up:

left to right: our old friend Toad-ally Amazing, Wet N Wild Megalast "I Need a Refresh-mint," Sinful Colors"Mint Apple," OPI "Thanks a Windmillion, OPI "Mermaid's Tears, China Glaze "For Audrey."

 (click to biggify)

(not flashy)

Left to right, Toad-ally Amazing, Mint Apple, I Need a Refresh-mint, For Audrey, Thanks a Windmillion, Mermaid's Tears

With all the mint green polishes running around these days, I couldn't resist busting out the magnifying glass on these to see how alike they are. As you can see, Sinful's Mint Apple and Toad-ally Amazing look pretty much dead-on (they do to my eye, anyway). If you squint your eyes real hard, you'll notice that MA is just a whisper of a touch grayer and it has a smidge more shimmer to it than TA. Mermaid's Tears, to me, looks like TA sans the shimmer, For Audrey and I Need a Refresh-mint are too close to own both (unless you are me and hoard polishes despite their dupeness) and Thanks a Windmillion really is the odd ball out because it's much grayer than any of the other polishes here--although interestingly enough, when it's in the bottle it looks MUCH more similar to Mermaid's Tears than it does when it's actually on a nail (don't ya just love when polishes go all chamelian on you like that?)...

so booyah--mint greeny goodness and I love every last one of them and can't wait to get MORE (yea, I'm looking at YOU Milani Mint Candy!! Got the ninja grabby hands all set to go as soon as I come across that baby!)...

Are you as obsessed with this color as I am? Do tell...



  1. I love this! Reminds me that I'm not alone - I have so many variations of color in my collection as well, lol!

    1. Omg so excited to see your comment! I am a huge secret fan of yours from both NB & ABOP (i'm MamaGavone on MUA) have the BEST spam posts & I'm just so jelly of your beautiful, long nailbeds & graceful tapered fingers! You're totally my nail idol! :)

  2. Thank you for the comparison! It helps a lot.

  3. thank you this was really helpful!

  4. Hi just found your blog and I liked, first thing that called my attention: cheap, oh yeah I'm cheap LOL, second thing: you are autentic. With that said I need to...-> O-M-G! thanks for saving me some bucks, Thanks a Windmillion seems so cool in some blogs swatches but looking it now specially near Wet N Wild and Sinful Colors: Ugh! no way I'm spent $ on "that" (rush to ebay to look for Wet N Wild LOL).
    Greetings from Brazil.

    1. Hello & welcome to a fellow cheapskate & polish lover :)...I'm so glad this post made you O-M-G lol!

  5. "For Audrey and I Need a Refresh-mint are too close to own both (unless you are me and hoard polishes despite their dupeness)."

    Haha, I try not to. =)

    I do have a question about those two polishes though: how are they different in application? (i.e. is one more streaky than the other? How many coats do you need to get opacity? Does it apply smoothly?)

    1. Both polishes have good consistencies & both took 2 coats to reach opacity. I found the WnW slightly easier to work with but I'm attributing that to its wider brush, which happens to lay down polish much more evenly than the thinner, rounder China Glaze brush. Hope that helps! :)


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