Stampable polishes

I've had folks ask me which polishes work well for nail art stamping or Konading. In response, I thought it would be helpful to start & keep a list of these polishes.  This is in NO WAY considered a complete list.  As I hunt out and discover new stampalicious pretties, I will be sure to add them here, especially when new collections come out. AND Of course, I encourage and welcome additions from readers, too! You can either email them to me or just leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to add them to the list!

Just a few key things to look for when you're searching for a stampable polish:

OPACITY--if it is completely opaque in one coat, it is probably going to serve well as a stamping polish.
FINISH--creams and foils tend to stamp better than other finishes. Glitter finishes can be problematic due to their texture and jellies can be too sheer. Neons are usually too brittle and thin to stamp well.

**Either I or one of my readers has personally successfully used the following polishes for stamping**

Click on linked names for an example of the polish used in a stamp.

Blue and Teal Polishes
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Blue Streak 
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Brisk Blue
China Glaze Adore
Color Club Lumin-icecent
Color Club Cold Metal

Green Polishes
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Lickity Split Lime
China Glaze Agro
China Glaze Cherish
Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe
Color Club Perfect Mol-ten

Yellow & Gold Polishes
China Glaze Passion
Orly Rage
Color Club Antiquated

Black Polishes
Finger Paints Black Expressionism
Glitter Gal 3d Holo Black
Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris

Purple and  Pink Polishes
China Glaze Admire
China Glaze Devotion
China Glaze Joy
China Glaze Emotion
China Glaze Harmony
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Pronto Purple
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Flashy Fuchsia
Color Club Foil Me Once
Color Club Hot Like Lava
Essie No More Film

Red, Orange & Bronze Polishes
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Bronze Ablaze

White Polishes
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Whirlwind White
Finger Paints Papier Mache

Gray & Silver Polishes
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Celeb City
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Wet Cement
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Grey Area
China Glaze Awaken
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Silver Sweep

Brown, tan, and nude polishes
OPI Get in the Expresso Lane

Collections/lines known for their stamping goodness:

Sally Hansen Insta-dri polishes
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polishes
Art Deco by LA Colors nail art stripers
Color Club Foiled Collection
China Glaze Romantique Collection


  1. My black stamping polish is Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris and my silver is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Silver Sweep.

    1. Thanks! Adding them to the list in 3...2....1


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