Friday, February 8, 2013

Where I've been and where I'm going

Well shoot, here we are 2 months into 2013 and you all haven't heard from me since November of 2012. Sad, sorry and triflin, isn't it? I am still alive, and still on this planet (well, physically, anyway). I've just been BURIED--in mom stuff and kid stuff and wife and house stuff and sick stuff and depressed stuff and then my already crappy camera broke completely and I lost all will to blog. 

Time went by, calendar pages turned and I started seriously missing my silly little corner of the interwebz where I could escape to ramble about the latest nail polish awesomeness to people who would be just as psyched as I was about it all. The fact of the matter is nail art is much more fun when I am plastering crazy pics of my latest endeavors all over this joint right here. Maybe because I'm an exhibitionist. Maybe because I want to show others how to do what I have just done. Maybe because the only way to  make nail art truly last is to post about it. Otherwise, it fades &  chips, you  crack open the remover, take everything off & throw out the mucky cotton balls as if nothing ever happened. ::sob--oh the heartbreaking brevity of it all!!:::

Don't get me wrong. I have been doing my nails every now and then & snapping craptastic pics with my cell phone because it was all I had left (damn straight--ain't no way I'm gonna spend an hour and a half on a mani and then not even TRY to document it in some way). I  posted the pics on my personal facebook page because I decided they were horrifically unworthy of anything more. I sat there and pined away for my busted & trashed  camera (as much as I complained about it, it was better than nothing!!)...and then the other day my husband surprised me with this:

CHOIRS OF ANGELS, people!! Do you hear them??? Not ONLY did he get me a new  camera, he got me a bad ass BANGIN' big girl camera with a buttload of accessories and a friggin tripod to prop that mama up on because shit this epic deserves a pedestal!! 

So what does this mean?

1) I obviously won the freakin lottery as far as spousal awesomeness goes. 
2) I am BAAAAAAAACK, like AC/DC Back in Black  back
3) My pics are going to NOT SUCK!! Hell they might even be <gasp> clear and crisp and color accurate (somebody get the smelling salts before I faint!!)

So, um, yea. Consider yourselves warned. I'm bout to turn some shizz soon as I figure out how to work my pretty new Nikon, that is.



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