Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pure Ice Haul + NOTD of Pure Ice Irreplaceable

Much to the delight of lacquerheads everywhere, Pure Ice, purveyors of gorgeous, cheap nail polishes, recently came out with, like 7 zillion new shades for 2013 (ok it's more like 29). Well, I stumbled upon a display for all their awesome new pretties the other day and this happened:

(click to huge-ify and please cut me some slack while I figure out how to finesse the best pics out of my new camera)

Oopsy. Yea and this is actually AFTER I made myself put several bottles back. SO MUCH GLITTER!! and they're only $1.97 each!!

Can we get some shade names up in here? Top row from L to R: Over You (holographic teal hex and bar glitter with lavender microglitter in a clear base); Irreplaceable (silver and black microglitter with larger gunmetal hexes in a black jelly base); Look My Way (bright blue hexes with smaller purple glitters in a clear base); Watch Me Go (super fine blue and green glitter in a clear base). 

Bottom row L to R: Never Satisfied (large silver, magenta and purple hexes with smaller teal glitters in a clear base); Tame Me Now (red and orange glitters with larger silver hexes in a clear base); Freedom (blue hexes, silver stars and large and small red hexes in a clear base); Private Show (magenta, red, blue, and silver microglitter in a black base...I smell a Butter London The Black Knight dupe here!!)

Ok, SOMEONE in the Pure Ice polish naming department obviously has one hell of a sleazy, jilted love life...but I digress...

Being the black glitter  polish nut that I am, the first shade I picked to wear was Irreplaceable:

I have yet to see anyone come out with a black polish that has such interesting glitters in it. I LOVE the larger gunmetal hexes. They're rather unshiny and they give the polish an industrial feel--they look like rivets or bits of antique metal or something, and since I am all about bad-ass deconstructed grime glam (yes these are my terms--who else would cook up such ludicrous phrases), I am falling all over the place for them. The smaller silver and black glitters in the base lend an almost mineralistic feel to this polish. If someone pulverized obsidian gemstones and made them into a nail lacquer, this would be what you'd get. 

The aforementioned awesomeness pretty much makes up for the fact that the formula is evil in a bottle. Thick, gloopy consistency that drags into bald spots all over the place, glitters that clump together, craptastic mop of a brush...all the shizz that polish addicts hate--it's all there. I basically had to glob one layer on, let it dry and then glob a second layer on & push it around. It was more like spackliing than painting. A good thick coat of Seche Vite helped even everything out for the most part...but on its own, the polish has an uneven, gritty texture. 

So my final word on Irreplaceable by Pure Ice is it is only for true die-hard black glitter polish fanatics.  Its merits are in LOOKS alone. The only way you will get complete fulfillment out of this stuff is if you secretly like to be tortured. 

Stay tuned for swatches of the other polishes in this latest Pure Ice haul!! 


  1. *grin* I love the phrase "evil in a bottle"!

  2. Oh thank GOD! I picked up a bottle of Irreplaceable today, and have spent the last couple hours trying to wrangle it onto my nails. You definitely summed it up when you said it's evil in a bottle; I had to do what you did, and basically glop two thick coats on my nails and try to spread it around evenly. It was more like frosting a cake than painting my nails! It's gonna take forEVER to dry, but I do love the way it looks! Thanks so much for posting this, I thought it was just me!!


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