Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All Laquered Up is fixin to swatch the China Glaze Hunger Games collection!

Inaugural Face of the Day post

Wow, who thought taking color-accurate, well-lit, flattering pictures of yourself would be HARD ::being sarcastic cuz holy crap it's friggin ridiculously difficult and i have a newfound respect for all those beauty bloggers out there who are capable of taking all those gorgeous pics i'm always drooling over::::

So here's my first attempt at snapping some face of the day shots. Understand that I suck at photography and am technologically challenged and therefore have NO earthly clue how to photoshop these into some semblance of realistic depiction of the colors I'm wearing....I got lots to learn, people!

So anyway, this look was inspired  this gorgeous pink and purple look posted by The Crow and the Powderpuff (one of my favorite makeup artist/bloggers). I don't have the products that she used, so I substituted my own stuff (all drugstore makeup, of course) and I toned the eyeshadow down for a more daytime appropriate look.

More pics and list of products used after the jump...

NOTD--Ozotic 509--aka fantastical rainbow awesomeness

Do I even need to write ANYTHING about this one? Seriously, just go look at the pics--there's like 50,000 of them! Def click to make these mamas bigger!

More holo gorgeocity (yes this polish is so awesome, it necessitates creating a new word! gorgeous + ferocity= Ozotic 509) after the jump!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Omg, check out Blingernails swatches of the China Glaze Prismatic collection!!

Stash Porn Vol. I--My Wet N Wild eye shadow collection!

As promised--here's a ridiculous amount of pics of every last one of my Wet N Wild  Coloricon eyeshadows. One fine day, I will get around to depotting these babies so they can all live happily together.  Ok, let the stash porn parade pic begin....Bow-chica-WOW-wow!

(see the pretties after the jump!)

Black Radiance Eye Appeal 8 pan eyeshadow palette-Posh Plums--Swatches & review

I said I'd review ALL the palettes in the new Black Radiance Eye Appeal 8 pan line and, here at GlamOnTheCheap, we deliver the goods so, here we go!

Here we have the Posh Plums palette. (And no I didn't get around to building a light box yet. I just took my kids' big art pad outside, put the palettes on that and took the pics in sunshine)...Click the images to make them bigger. (view pics and read more after the jump!)

Glamonthecheap now on Facebook

I just made a Facebook page for this blog. Click here to head on over and give it a nice, friendly "like" or use the 'Glamonthecheap on Facebook tab above to be redirected.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I'm brewing up to post this week....

Here's a list of some of the posts I've been working on for this coming week:

1) Swatches and reviews of the other 2 new Black Radiance 8 pan eyeshadow palettes. You can check out my review of the Urban Jungle palette posted under the reviews tab on the handy dandy new menu I created at the top of the page.

2) The 3 best eyeliners drugstore beauty has to offer (cream, pencil AND pen and they're so cheap you can afford to buy all 3!)

3) My first "stash porn" post. I'll be showing off my redonkulous hoard of Wet n Wild eyeshadows (LUUURVES me some Wet N Wild)!

4) Nail Art Stamping 101 (what it is, what it requires and why anyfrigginbody can do it)

5) The kick-off post for my "Holy Grail" series, where I tell you all about awesome, effective, cheap-ass products I can't live without. (Looking for a way to suck the gunk & blackheads out of your pores and you only got 3 bucks to spend? I got ya covered)...

6) Naming of this week's Blog of Awesomeness ::echo effect on "Awesomeness":::)

7) Whatever NOTDs and FOTDs I deem blog-worthy.

Yea I got big bloggin' dreams, people. Stay tuned to see if they become reality!! 

I'm SO making a light box this week!

...and now, thanks to The Daily Varnish, I have an awesome tutorial to follow!

DIY: Lightbox | The Daily Varnish

Nails of the day--Color Club Holiday Splendor

I know everybody and their mom has already posted pics of this nail polish all over the interwebz but it's so frickin gorgeous, it deserves even MORE pics and so I'm tossing mine into the pot. This sparkly little gem is Holiday Splendor, from Color Club's gorgeous glitter bomb holiday 2011 collection. This is one of those polishes that causes road-hazard manis--in that it's so flashy and glittery and full of holo awesomeness, you can't help but glance at your nails every 2 seconds while you drive...oh so purty and my lousy pics do it no justice at all.

(more after the jump!)

just HAD to share!!

Check out this awesome post by The PolishAholic-full of pics from her trip to the International Salon & Spa Expo-nail polish bottles far as the eye can see!!! And it looks like OPI is releasing a ballet-themed collection for their soft shades this year...can I get a squeeeee up in here?

The PolishAholic: ISSE Long Beach Photos & Haul!

Done doozied up my blog some more with some page tabs (look up!!)

Look this is starting to look like a real website now!! I thought the tabs will make my blog much easier to navigate, so if you come here looking for specific things--like stash pics (makeup fiends love looking into other fiends' stashes) or swatches or tutorials, all you gotta do is click on the appropriate tab. Hooray for organization!! Now if only organizing the REST of my life could be this easy. Can't wait to fill up each page!

Drugstore Deal of the week--Ecotools BOGOFREE at Rite Aid

G over at Nouveau Cheap has posted the weekly drugstore makeup sales for this week. Go check them out! Here's the link: The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (1/29 - 2/4)

By far the most exciting deal for me is the 'buy one get one free' deal Rite Aid is running on Ecotools brushes this week! I LUURRRVEZ me some Ecotools brushes. I have a ton of them and use them every day. They are beautifully made--the face and powder brushes are SO plush, they never shed and they pick product up and distribute it like a dream. I also LOVE their angled eyeliner brush...and their 5 piece eye brush set...and their retractable kabuki...and their--OH HECK they're just frickin fantastic! Hands down the best value for your money--on par or even better than high-end makeup brushes AND they're all about being eco-conscious and cruelty-free. so WHAT are you waiting for?!?! Go get some awesome free brushes already!! Jeez...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swatch n Squawk: Black Radiance Eye Appeal 8 pan eyeshadow palette in Urban Jungle

Ok, so let's get this show on the road. Here we have Black Radiance's new Eye Appeal 8 pan eyeshadow Palette in Urban Jungle which, if you take it outside on a cloudy day and shoot a crappy pic of it, looks kinda like this...

(read more after the jump)

Nicole by OPI at CVS? Since when?

(meant to post this earlier...anyfrickinway)
I've never seen Nicole by OPI at a CVS before...those dang Kardashians are just frickin inescapable, huh? I DO see room on this new display for other                        non-Kardouche-ian (as i call them) shades but so far all we got is Kim & ko (dear God now I'M replacing Cs with Ks, too)....
Incidentally, CVS's price for these is 7.99 a pop. Walmart's got 'em cheaper (7.49 there)...
***edit*** ok i cant un-sideways the frickin pic from my stupid blogger-to-go app. It's ok. We all know the Ks are quite accustomed to being horizontal (at least Kim is)

Blogs of Awesomeness

One of the things I thought I could do with this blog is a weekly post featuring a blog that I love. For my inaugural Blogs of Awesomeness post, I could choose no other but my bargain beauty bible, Nouveau Cheap!

 G, as the author of Nouveau Cheap calls herself, has been my makeup guru ever since I first stumbled upon her awesome blog about a year ago. If you are like me and you don't have a whole lot of money to throw around, then the info that Nouveau Cheap contains is a godsend. I can truly say it has helped me locate the best of the best for less when it comes to beauty products

 To put it in her own words (quoted from her profile here on Blogger) G is, " a consumer with three decades of product obsession under my belt and love to scour the drugstores, dollar stores, big box stores, etc. to find quality beauty products with friendly price tags. I try to provide my readers with as much info as possible so that they can make an informed decision when they make a purchase"...and she delivers on all fronts! She does the BEST, most thorough, well thought out and composed reviews of products (both new stuff and classic drugstore standby beauty products) and her pictures and swatches are impeccable. Thanks to her, I was able to locate my HG (holy grail--or makeup junkie speak for "awesomest, most bestest can't live without it") powder foundationpen-style liquid eyeliner, and so many other products that I now use regularly and love (of course, it does help that she and I have a lot in common when it comes to complexion and skin type).

Two features of G's blog that I find absolutely indispensable:

1) her weekly drugstore beauty sales. Basically, every week, she pulls together all the details of every beauty sale that CVS, Riteaid and Walgreens are running and summarizes all the deals for you in a handy-dandy bullet-point format. I literally go out with those posts pulled up on my smartphone and scour the aisles--it's become a frickin ritual for me! She also is dedicated to schooling her readers on how to use each drugstore's rewards program (Xtra Up Register Reward whatsit?? if you're confused as to which store does what, G will set ya straight). 

2) her interactive sightings map for ever elusive Wet n Wild limited edition collections. Basically, what I'm talking about is a map of the entire frickin country with little pinpoints that G asks her readers to place indicated where said readers have spotted these much coveted collections. I have none other than G, her readers and her sightings map to thank for helping me track down Wet n Wild's 2011 Dream Weaver limited edition shadow trios (and you better believe I am eternally grateful)--which is my proudest makeup junkie triumph to date!

so anyway, that's enough yammering from me. Please go check out Nouveau Cheap and give her much love & thanks for the hard work she does to put together her BLOG OF AWESOMENESS!! (:::echo effect::: awesomeness...awesomeness... awesomeness)

Squeeeee! Looky what I just found at CVS!

Yep, the new Black Radiance Eye Appeal 8 pan eyeshadow palettes...swatches & review to come!

See, I'm totally serious about this blogging thing!

Just downloaded the Blogger app for my phone so I can blog on the go....holla! Bitches betta be scared of me, yo... ;)

Hello blog-o-sphere, Mama Glam has arrived!!

Time to get this party started! If I'm lucky enough to actually have someone reading this post then let me introduce myself...although I've dubbed myself Mama Glam on here, you can call me Jen. Here's a face to put with the name:

ok, maybe that wasn't the best pic because I look seriously pissed in it--but it's the only pic I have right now. I just got a brand new nifty camera, though, so expect many, much more friendly pics to come.

So I guess I should say a little about why I started this blog. Basically I needed some sort of outlet for my crazy makeup and nail polish obsession--I know, I know. As if there aren't enough makeup and polish blogs out there already. Yea well, if everyone else can have a blog, then why can't I--so THERE. ::sticks out tongue:: Ok, all bandwagon-jumping aside, I DO have what I consider to be a decently thought out vision for this blog.

If all things go well and I am able to corral my 3 small children long enough for me to post every now and again, I hope to fill this blog up with posts that feature all the awesome and cheap beauty products out there and how you can use said products to get all doozied up.

Since (as I mentioned above) I'm raising 3 kids, I don't have a whole lot of time or a whole lotta budget for beauty so my primary focus will be drugstore cosmetics and the fast but fab looks you can create with them.

I'm planning on categorizing my posts into the following:
1) products I love
2) FOTDs and NOTDs (that is Makeupalley.com speak for 'face of the day' and 'nails of the day'--basically pics of looks you're rockin with a breakdown of products you used to create them)
3) peaks into my ever-growing stash of makeup and nail polish
4) tutorials on how to create certain makeup and nail looks
5) blogs/pages I love
6) whatever I deem appropriate at any given time (hey, my blog, my rules!)...

If I still have ANY readers looking at this novel of a post, let me just say hang with me. I'm gonna bust out the goods soon. Like I said, I got a bad-ass new camera and I'm fixin to build me a lightbox and whatnot to take some pretty little pics of all my favorite things. so anyway, let me stop typing already and get to work!