Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nicole by OPI at CVS? Since when?

(meant to post this earlier...anyfrickinway)
I've never seen Nicole by OPI at a CVS before...those dang Kardashians are just frickin inescapable, huh? I DO see room on this new display for other                        non-Kardouche-ian (as i call them) shades but so far all we got is Kim & ko (dear God now I'M replacing Cs with Ks, too)....
Incidentally, CVS's price for these is 7.99 a pop. Walmart's got 'em cheaper (7.49 there)...
***edit*** ok i cant un-sideways the frickin pic from my stupid blogger-to-go app. It's ok. We all know the Ks are quite accustomed to being horizontal (at least Kim is)


  1. LOL...they're used to being horizontal! This line has been down here in the Tampa Bay area for the longest. I've avoided it because I hate all things to do with the K girls. My hubby works at the store that they have fairly recently opened a handbag line in, and one day I was wandering and waiting for him to get off work, so I checked out the bags. Very cheaply made (even for THEM) and way overpriced. Typical, I suppose. Somehow it's a metaphor for them.

    1. lol a good metaphor indeed! I was amazed to see CVS actually extended the Kardashian Kolors line with 7 new polishes that you can only get at CVS. I confess to being a total hypocrite though--I did buy quite a few of the non-CVS exclusive Kardashian polishes (Kendall on the Katwalk, Disco Dolls, Follow me on Glitter and a few other annoyingly named but pretty shades that I just couldn't resist)...oh the shame! lol


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