Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nails of the day--Color Club Holiday Splendor

I know everybody and their mom has already posted pics of this nail polish all over the interwebz but it's so frickin gorgeous, it deserves even MORE pics and so I'm tossing mine into the pot. This sparkly little gem is Holiday Splendor, from Color Club's gorgeous glitter bomb holiday 2011 collection. This is one of those polishes that causes road-hazard manis--in that it's so flashy and glittery and full of holo awesomeness, you can't help but glance at your nails every 2 seconds while you drive...oh so purty and my lousy pics do it no justice at all.

(more after the jump!)

This is 2 surprisingly easy coats. I say surprisingly because glitter bomb polishes are usually gloppy and thick and just a massive pain to work with. But this one gave me no issues with bald spots or dragging and both coats laid down nice and even and a good coat of Seche Vite helped shine em up all twinkly-like

What's that? More pics, you say? ya go! You can click to enlarge as long as you promise not to notice the gnarly deserts I'm currently calling cuticles. :::shakes fist at cold weather and dry heat and other winter shizz that wreaks havoc on the cutes:::

Twinkle twinkle little star....

And a nice sparkly bottle shot. Def click to blow this baby up and check out the rainbow of shimmah!

Obligatory blurry shot cuz blur loves sparkles...

So hooray for my first NOTD post and hooray for Color Club Holiday Splendor and ALL of the Beyond the Mistletoe collection for that matter. I bought my set here and you can, too!

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