Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blogs of Awesomeness

One of the things I thought I could do with this blog is a weekly post featuring a blog that I love. For my inaugural Blogs of Awesomeness post, I could choose no other but my bargain beauty bible, Nouveau Cheap!

 G, as the author of Nouveau Cheap calls herself, has been my makeup guru ever since I first stumbled upon her awesome blog about a year ago. If you are like me and you don't have a whole lot of money to throw around, then the info that Nouveau Cheap contains is a godsend. I can truly say it has helped me locate the best of the best for less when it comes to beauty products

 To put it in her own words (quoted from her profile here on Blogger) G is, " a consumer with three decades of product obsession under my belt and love to scour the drugstores, dollar stores, big box stores, etc. to find quality beauty products with friendly price tags. I try to provide my readers with as much info as possible so that they can make an informed decision when they make a purchase"...and she delivers on all fronts! She does the BEST, most thorough, well thought out and composed reviews of products (both new stuff and classic drugstore standby beauty products) and her pictures and swatches are impeccable. Thanks to her, I was able to locate my HG (holy grail--or makeup junkie speak for "awesomest, most bestest can't live without it") powder foundationpen-style liquid eyeliner, and so many other products that I now use regularly and love (of course, it does help that she and I have a lot in common when it comes to complexion and skin type).

Two features of G's blog that I find absolutely indispensable:

1) her weekly drugstore beauty sales. Basically, every week, she pulls together all the details of every beauty sale that CVS, Riteaid and Walgreens are running and summarizes all the deals for you in a handy-dandy bullet-point format. I literally go out with those posts pulled up on my smartphone and scour the aisles--it's become a frickin ritual for me! She also is dedicated to schooling her readers on how to use each drugstore's rewards program (Xtra Up Register Reward whatsit?? if you're confused as to which store does what, G will set ya straight). 

2) her interactive sightings map for ever elusive Wet n Wild limited edition collections. Basically, what I'm talking about is a map of the entire frickin country with little pinpoints that G asks her readers to place indicated where said readers have spotted these much coveted collections. I have none other than G, her readers and her sightings map to thank for helping me track down Wet n Wild's 2011 Dream Weaver limited edition shadow trios (and you better believe I am eternally grateful)--which is my proudest makeup junkie triumph to date!

so anyway, that's enough yammering from me. Please go check out Nouveau Cheap and give her much love & thanks for the hard work she does to put together her BLOG OF AWESOMENESS!! (:::echo effect::: awesomeness...awesomeness... awesomeness)


  1. Omg, honey!! Thank you SO much for this post!! I don't even know what to say and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the kind words. Thank you, thank you!! xoxo

    1. you're welcome!! just wanted to pay tribute to my number 1 favorite blogger & publicly thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us informed of great products and awesome deals!


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