Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I'm brewing up to post this week....

Here's a list of some of the posts I've been working on for this coming week:

1) Swatches and reviews of the other 2 new Black Radiance 8 pan eyeshadow palettes. You can check out my review of the Urban Jungle palette posted under the reviews tab on the handy dandy new menu I created at the top of the page.

2) The 3 best eyeliners drugstore beauty has to offer (cream, pencil AND pen and they're so cheap you can afford to buy all 3!)

3) My first "stash porn" post. I'll be showing off my redonkulous hoard of Wet n Wild eyeshadows (LUUURVES me some Wet N Wild)!

4) Nail Art Stamping 101 (what it is, what it requires and why anyfrigginbody can do it)

5) The kick-off post for my "Holy Grail" series, where I tell you all about awesome, effective, cheap-ass products I can't live without. (Looking for a way to suck the gunk & blackheads out of your pores and you only got 3 bucks to spend? I got ya covered)...

6) Naming of this week's Blog of Awesomeness ::echo effect on "Awesomeness":::)

7) Whatever NOTDs and FOTDs I deem blog-worthy.

Yea I got big bloggin' dreams, people. Stay tuned to see if they become reality!! 

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