Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello blog-o-sphere, Mama Glam has arrived!!

Time to get this party started! If I'm lucky enough to actually have someone reading this post then let me introduce myself...although I've dubbed myself Mama Glam on here, you can call me Jen. Here's a face to put with the name:

ok, maybe that wasn't the best pic because I look seriously pissed in it--but it's the only pic I have right now. I just got a brand new nifty camera, though, so expect many, much more friendly pics to come.

So I guess I should say a little about why I started this blog. Basically I needed some sort of outlet for my crazy makeup and nail polish obsession--I know, I know. As if there aren't enough makeup and polish blogs out there already. Yea well, if everyone else can have a blog, then why can't I--so THERE. ::sticks out tongue:: Ok, all bandwagon-jumping aside, I DO have what I consider to be a decently thought out vision for this blog.

If all things go well and I am able to corral my 3 small children long enough for me to post every now and again, I hope to fill this blog up with posts that feature all the awesome and cheap beauty products out there and how you can use said products to get all doozied up.

Since (as I mentioned above) I'm raising 3 kids, I don't have a whole lot of time or a whole lotta budget for beauty so my primary focus will be drugstore cosmetics and the fast but fab looks you can create with them.

I'm planning on categorizing my posts into the following:
1) products I love
2) FOTDs and NOTDs (that is speak for 'face of the day' and 'nails of the day'--basically pics of looks you're rockin with a breakdown of products you used to create them)
3) peaks into my ever-growing stash of makeup and nail polish
4) tutorials on how to create certain makeup and nail looks
5) blogs/pages I love
6) whatever I deem appropriate at any given time (hey, my blog, my rules!)...

If I still have ANY readers looking at this novel of a post, let me just say hang with me. I'm gonna bust out the goods soon. Like I said, I got a bad-ass new camera and I'm fixin to build me a lightbox and whatnot to take some pretty little pics of all my favorite things. so anyway, let me stop typing already and get to work!

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