Friday, February 17, 2012

Look who finally finished her Spoiled nail polish swatches!

Yep, in between the diaper changing and the dish washing and the laundry folding and the kid-chasing, I finally managed to swatch, photograph, edit and, now, finally type this post. Go me!

This is the remainder of my recent Spoiled haul. (You can view my previous swatches and reviews
here,  here and  here.) let's turn this mutha out (warning, this post is massively pic heavy and, like, 5 years long so go grab a cup of coffee and settle in):

(click to em-biggen)
the rest of the Spoiled bunch

Spoiled Tattle Tell--a sheer light pink jelly with itty bitty gold shimmer

Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?--a blue-based light purple with all kindza crazy gold shimmer

Spoiled Steel the Show--a taupe creme

Spoiled Bite Me (best name ever!)--a vamp-tastic blackened burgundy shimmer

Spoiled Pirate's Booty-gold and orange baby flakies in a clear base (LOOOOVEEE!!)

Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing-a minty green creme with silver shimmer

Spoiled Pet my Peacock (hehehe)--a chunky glitter with gold, silver, purple, green & teal hexes

Spoiled Jewelry Heist--glitter with large and small gold and pink hexes & smaller square holo glitter. Freakin amaze-balls, yo.

(no flash) 

Left to right, Tattle Tell, Steel the Show & Are Mermaids Real. Tattle Tell is 4 coats (SUPER sheer polish) and the other 2 are both 2 nice, easy coats. 


So far NONE of these polishes has disappointed me formula-wise. They're the perfect consistency & they apply so evenly--no dragging or bald-spot issues at all. Granted, Tattle Tell is very much on the sheer side, but me thinks it's supposed to be that way and I think it'd be an awesome alternative to the usual sheer pinks used for french manis (if french manis are your kind of thing)...moving on...


no flash
Here we have Bite Me. It's the token vampy polish--think Black Cherry Chutney or Midnight in Moscow but only way cheaper. Not really much to say about this one. It's pretty and all and easy to work with, but I've just seen this color like 7 zillion times before.

This beauty is Pirate's Booty (ok that just rhymed--well, sorta..damnit I hate when that happens)...I'm in LOVE with this one. It's a layering polish and it's DA BOMB like tick tick! I just love all the gold and orange flaky goodness! What can I say, I'm a ho for the flakies!

Here's  Pirate's Booty layered over Bite Me. Seriously, my stupid, lame little point & shoot doesn't do this polish any kind of justice. I just love the shimmer and the depth it gives to the base polish!


Here we have, left to right (once again) Pirate's Booty over Bite Me (it's so pretty I just couldn't crop it out of this pic), Jewelry Heist on its own (two coats) and Jewelry Heist layered over Bite Me. Jewelry Heist is another crazy mix of glittery awesomeness. FFS it's PINK and GOLD and HOLO and GLITTER--it's like they took all my favorite things and dumped them all into one bottle. The only way it could get any better is if it could clean my house and take care of my kids for me....

no flash


Next up is Cougar Attack (I just realised I didn't get a solo bottle shot of this one--doh!)...This is copper micro glitter in a deep dark brown jelly base. Now if you are a Wet N Wild fanatic like me, you know there was a polish called Cougar Attack in the LE On the Prowl polish collection from Halloween 2011. I was one of the unfortunate souls who NEVER managed to locate that collection (and yes, my heart still aches over it! ::sniffle::) so I cannot say for certain that this is a repackaging of that exact shade. What I CAN say is it's highly likely, given that Spoiled is by Wet N Wild and this polish does look an AWFUL lot like the 2011 Cougar Attack swatches that I spent so long drooling over. Either way, it's pretty frickin awesome. It looks gritty in my pics but that's because I was too lazy to top coat any of my swatches (tsk tsk tsk)...

ok, next one (phew, anyone else getting winded??)


no flash

This is Toad-ally Amazing. I don't know about you, but I've never come across any mint green shimmering toads, so the name doesn't really make sense to me but the polish is SO pretty. Once again 2 nice, even coats to opacity and I'm such a sucker for this kind of color but it's dupeable (stay tuned for a seperate post about said dupe-ability, coming up next!)

Ok people, I dont' know if anyone is still with me but I'm just gonna pretend there IS. We have reached the FINAL polish of this post ::::throws confetti & releases the balloon-drop::::

Here we have the very amusingly named Pet my Peacock (hehehe--yes I find it funny and yes I'm a 12 year old at heart). More glitter madness--but, unlike Jewelry Heist, this glitter is all one size & shape--chunky hexes ftw. I heart it but I'm pretty sure I have, like, 3 other Forever 21 polishes that look like this. This glitter wanted to huddle together like a group of scared kids in a haunted house. I busted out my patented "drip n dab" application technique for this and it helped a little...this is 2 coats.

no flash

And here it is layered over the closest polish to me at the time (which happened to be Toad-ally Amazing)...

no flash....

::::pant pant pant---catches breath--looks around::: 

OMG, we made it! We survived til the end of this post!! You know why? Because we're AWESOME!!

So have you hauled any Spoileds yet? Do the CVS cashiers laugh knowingly at you when they see you come in the store like they do to me? 


  1. Thanks this was both informative and entertaining, I just saw this collection at CVS, so I am going back to pick up some.

  2. Great pictures. I usually pick up sinful colors, but I'll give a bottle or two a try.


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