Monday, February 6, 2012

Swatchy McSwatchalot--new Spoiled nail polish in Shrimp on the Barbie

Hello and welcome to gold flaky heaven! Today I have one of the new Spoiled polishes that I hauled the other day from CVS. If you haven't heard about these polishes yet, they are a new line consisting of 72 different shades, made by the same folks who make Wet N Wild and they are a CVS exclusive collection, so don't go lookin in Wags or Rite Aid for these cuz you won't find them.

The shade I'm wearing today is called Shrimp on a Barbie and it is frickin GAWWWGEOUS. It's beautiful  gold micro flakes in a rosy pink jelly base. Check it:

(click to enlarge but only if you promise not to notice the glitter herpes all over my cuticles)

Ain't she a beaut'? Good formula, too. Nice, workable consistency--not overly thick or thin and runny.    3 easy coats to opacity but I must warn you of one thing...THIS!

(screams of horror)

This polish has the widest, floppiest, most uneven brush I have EVER seen. It's even worse than the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri brushes. I mean, come on, I'm painting my finger nails here, not the frickin walls!! The brush is  literally wider than my pinky nail and the hairs are all full of wonk with the edge of the brush being completely jagged. It left me with SO much clean up to do around my cuticles because it was so dang hard to control. All that being said, I still LOVE the polish--so much so that I am willing to forgive the wideness and the wonk it comes with. Shoot maybe I'll just wash out one of the old polish bottles I got hanging around and just rehome the Spoiled polish in THAT bottle...then I'll take the brush from this one out back and incinerate it...

Stay tuned as I swatch more of the Spoiled collection in the days to come!

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