Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just spotted a Limited Edition L'Oreal polish display at Walgreens

Quick cell pic & post. I'm in the middle of Walgreens right now and I just spotted this LA Entourage L'Oreal display. Note the words "limited edition." Oh how those words make my polish-loving heart skip a beat. Has anyone else seen this? I'm kind of digging the yellow shade called 'Tweet Me.' It's got some interesting shimmer in it! The orange shade looks fun too...


  1. Stupid but I have to say: 105-club prive (tuquoise) is missing, some colors are switched: 104 is at 102 place (102-boozy brunch is at right in the top-the orange) there is a 690-Amazons Flare in the place of the 104 and 106 is at 105 place.
    I hope you dont mine my comment, if I offend you please deleted.

    1. Offended?! I'm not offended, I'm impressed!! You go girl-you sure know your L'Oreal polishes! You got a good eye lol! After I posted the pic, I noticed the different caps & the rogue Project Runway polish that made its way into the display but I didn't realize a shade was missing altogether...


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