Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swatchy McSwatchalot--Sinful Colors Island Coral

Well, I was hoping to get this post up much earlier today, but frickin life had to go and get in the way :::shakes angry fist at responsibilities::::

Here we have Sinful Colors Island Coral--another one of the new shades Sinful has up for grabs. 

Oh the corally goodness

what's that? 2 bad pics not enough?...

damn you, New England and your ubiquitous overcastness!

Yes, Island Coral, I give you a thumbs up.

They ain't lyin when they call this shade Coral. I love that it is nice and bright--it keeps it from sliding into the realm of the "yawn" shades your grandma would wear (as some corals tend to do). I'm showing you 3 coats-worth with no top coat (and I do apologize for the hopelessly messy cuticles. I didn't have much time this afternoon, so producing a respectable nail polish swatch was just simply out of the question. Triflin' I know)...

Formula-wise, it falls into the cream category. It's a little streaky at first, but it smooths out to a nice, even opacity at 3 coats. Like I said, I dig the brightness of it. It's not usually a shade I'd gravitate towards, but I'll buy pretty much any polish that has a $.99 sale tag slapped onto it. All in all, though, I'm glad I got it and I think it will make a fun base for some nice, summery nail art.

Did anyone else pick up this shade? How many others out there buy stuff they wouldn't normally buy simply because it's on sale for dirt cheap? (somehow I get the feeling I'm not alone in this lol)...


  1. I usually do the "think twice" before buy... so usually I dont buy because it's on sale, but that is probably because I live in Brazil and nothing is really cheap, if something is really "cheap"-> probably near the expiring date or it have some problem (I know its not nice to talk bad my own country but its the truth).
    Ok back to focus: too bright color for me but I have to agree with you: would work as nail art base or something similar.

    1. so is nail polish really expensive in Brazil? I know it's crazy expensive in Australia. it's odd how one place it costs one thing and one place it costs another...

  2. Hi MamaGlam, I love this shade on you! It really complements your skin tone. I just bought a Sinful Color polish today in Tattle Tail. $1.99 at CVS, and I got it just because I saw the darn display when I walked in to pick up my Rx's. I have sinusitis and bronchitis and thought I deserved a treat! Looks like a nice color. I put just one coat on my toes so far. I'll do another tomorrow. Take care and stay the course, as my former Marine hubby says (I know, once a Marine, always a Marine!)

    1. hi there Isis. I hope you are feeling better! You know us military wives are tough :)


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