Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super secret post from my smartphone...

(...well I guess it's not so secret if I'm sending out into cyberspace for the world to see, but that's beside the point)...

I'm totally supposed to be downstairs folding & putting away laundry right now (me & the Hubz agreed we were gonna tackle all housework together today & no interwebz for either of us) but I just couldn't resist sneaking in a little note to say HI and welcome to all my new followers!

I'm brand new to this whole beauty blogging gig and I am thrilled to see so many new folks finding & appreciating my silly little page. My inbox is suddenly filled with notices about new comments and you all are so sweet. The thanks & the encouragement really means so much to me!

I love the world of beauty so much. Makeup is an amazing art on living canvas and it's been my passion for a loooong time. After I became a mom, though, I kind of left it behind & basically neglected myself for about 6 years. I'm now rediscovering everything & I'm determined to turn makeup artistry into a career and starting this blog is all part of that renniasance.

Ok now I'm starting to overshare, so let me shut up & get back to work, but before I go, I gotta give a shout-out to G at Nouveaucheap for 1) being awesome and 2) posted the blog link that's helped everyone find this quiet little corner of mine. I've been a longtime reader of hers (I'm ALWAYS telling friends to go check out her site) & she's been a big inspiration for me starting my own blog. It's just too funny that now her site is the primary traffic source listed in my stats-gotta love blog-o-sphere full circle moments! :)


  1. Hey Mama Glam, I'm ChiChi. I found my way to your blog from G. You will see more of me :)

    1. Hi and welcome! Thanks for checkin me out!


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