Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dupe comparisons: Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune vs Spoiled Deeper Dive vs Zoya Charla

If you follow nail polish blogs as obsessively as I do, you probably might have heard that that Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune is a pretty good dupe for Zoya Charla. When I spotted the new Spoiled polish display, my eye was instantly drawn to a shade called Deeper Dive--another teal polish with gold flakes.  Especially since Spoiled is made by Wet N Wild, I was curious to see how it might compare to Teal of Fortune and Zoya Charla. Take a look:

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First let me apologize for the fact that the sun has ditched me once again. There's a thick layer of clouds in the sky annoying and depressing. Oh well, that's what I get for living in New England...anyway...

Pictured above from left to right:
Polish number 1 = Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune
Polish number 2 = Spoiled Deeper Dive
Polish number 3: Zoya Charla

Above from left to right is Zoya Charla, Spoiled Deeper Dive and Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune (sorry I forgot to rotate the pics so the polishes would all be in the same order)

from top to bottom: Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune, Spoiled Deeper Dive, Zoya Charla (and yes I re-use empty spaces in the color plates Zoya sends with orders--they don't call me cheap for nothing!)

Left to right: Zoya Charla, Spoiled Deeper Dive, Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune

Left to right, Spoiled Deeper Dive, Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune, Zoya Charla

So after staring at the swatches until my eyes crossed, I determined the following: Zoya Charla is a touch warmer than the Spoiled and the Wet N Wild. The gold flakes are smaller but there's more flakes in the Zoya than there are in the other 2 polishes. Tone-wise, the Spoiled polish is just a touch deeper than the Wet N Wild. Also, the gold flakes are just slightly bigger than they are in the Wet N Wild polish. Formula wise, all 3 were pretty much on par with one another--they were all thin but not runny,  applied nicely without any dragging and they each took 3 coats for opacity. So are they different enough to own all 3 justifiably? Only if you're a polish hoarder like me. If not, you could just pick one of the 3 and be all set. (Of course, it must be said that the Wet N Wild and Spoiled Polishes are both 1.99 while the Zoya will set you back $7-$8)...

One thing I gotta call attention to before I publish this post is the ridiculousness of the Spoiled brush. I know I complained about the brush in my OTHER  Spoiled post, but this brush was even worse--Observe:

Is that not the worst brush you've ever seen? I had to snip and trim it with cuticle scissors before I could even work with the polish. 


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  1. Not the worst brush... I recently bought OPI Nail Envy and there were quite a few bristles hanging out on the sides. I had to cut them too.


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