Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, ANOTHER Spoiled polish swatch

Today I have another polish from the major Spoiled haul I did a few days ago. This time I have  Checkin into Rehab--which is an awful name for a gorgeous gold-flecked royal purple jelly polish.
Unfortunately, the beautiful gold flakes in this polish are incredibly camera shy and I just couldn't get them to come out and shine no matter what settings I had my camera on. 

Click to enlarge the photos...

This polish is super glossy shiny even without top coat. Here it is pictured with Seche Vite top coat, which only amps up the shine all the more. 

You can actually see the gold flecks in the bottle. They're more subtle when the polish is actually on your nails but I like the subtlety. Not every polish has to be full of flashy, seizure-inducing bling.

Trying hard to get those flecks to show...

The formula on this polish was a little fussy. I had some problems with dragging and bald spots. It took 3 coats for decent coverage, but there is still some visible nail line (which I expected since it is a jelly polish)...I'm eager to see how this polish will work in a jelly sandwich. I also think it will be a perfect base for Trust Fund Baby, which is a Spoiled glitter polish I picked up. This polish, much like the other Spoiled polishes I've tried so far, has that same God awful scraggly mop of a brush. All brush hatred aside, though, I'm really loving these polishes--obviously or I wouldn't bother battling that brush to get it on my nails.

Stay tuned for more Spoiled swatches! 

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  1. I've tried this in a jelly sandwich with Confetti Tazmanian Devil, it looks absolutely gorgeos, probably my fave manicure ever. Try it with a multicoloured glitter


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