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Polish and Makeup Etailers

Awesome Makeup Junkie Sites

Awesome Indie Makeup
Sugarpill Cosmetics
Glamour Doll Eyes

Awesome Indie Nail Polish
The Hungry Asian--handmixed glitter nail polish
Kunimitsu Nail Potions
Pretty and Polished
Dandy Nails
Lush Lacquer
Aqua Daisy (nail polish)
Haze Glaze
All That Glitters
Whimsical Ideas by Pam
Nails by Laura
Glitter Daze
Lac Attack
F4 Polish

Compiled, comprehensive list of indie polish makers (courtesy of "Girly Bits;" "Things I Love at the Moment;" and "Adventure of the Nail Friends"


  1. Hi Mama Glam,

    You have a link to BeautyJoint and I just visited the site. Are they legit and trustworthy, or too good to be true? I see some great buys, but can't afford to waste $$$ (who can now?) if they can't deliver. Have you had experience with them, good or bad? Thanks.

    1. hey i'm so sorry i didnt see this comment until now. for some reason, my mail box has been sending all my blog comment notifications into my spam folder :(! to answer your question i have ordered from beauty joint 2 times and both times it was a good experience. fast shipping, products were in perfect condition...i tend to go there because they ship faster than Cherry Culture and they tend to have stuff in stock that Cherry Culture is always out of. based on my experience, i would say go ahead and place an order...they haven't done me wrong.:)


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