Friday, May 11, 2012

Spam on the cheap!!! Cleaning out the 'To Post' folder, the NOTD edition!

Here's a ton of NOTDs that have been collecting dust on my hard drive. aaaaand GO! (click on pics to enlarge--and there's a ton of them)

Up first is a series of lousy shots of a gorgeous mani. This was Essie No More Film topped with Essie As Gold as it Gets topped with (oh yea I'm talkin triple decker layering) Ozotic 529 Elytra. I couldn't get a good shot because the sun decided to fall out of the sky for like a week straight....yea I really need to fix my lighting situation cuz when you live in New England, you can't depend on the weather to give you the light you need!

Shifty shifty...

 Next is a Love and Beauty polish called "Dusty Blue" stamped with Color Club Gingerbread Man. Love and Beauty polishes are sold by Forever 21 for $2.88 a pop and they have an endless selection of beautiful colors (with annoyingly generic names), many  of which are dupes of much pricier brands (I'll have to do a post on the Love & Beauty dupes I have). Also, LA Girl makes Love and Beauty polishes and you can sometimes find the exact same colors marketed under the Love and Beauty name--but for a few bucks cheaper. Score!

 Here we have the lovely Zoya Apple (which, incidentally, Love and Beauty has an exact dupe of called "Yellow Green"---see what I mean about those names)...this is one of my favorite greens ever, yet somehow I didn't get a single good shot of it here...Love those gorgeous gold flecks!

 Next is that Cos Bar for Target polish I mentioned yesterday. It was, unfortunately, a let down. That fun, tangy lime green went gold on the nail--which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't already have a ton of gold polishes that look like this. Also, the formula was annoyingly thin--a 4 coater. Worse yet, I noticed bubbles allover my nails, so I decided to stamp it with a leopard pattern and add some nice, gaudy bling. Bimbo nails!!

 I saved the best for last. This beauty is "Holy Cow" made by F4 Polish, an awesome trio of polish-frankening sisters whose shop can be found here on Etsy. Holy Cow is made up of fine black glitter, slightly larger square white glitter and a healthy sprinkling of holographic microglitter. I layered a thin coat over NYC Sidewalkers for this mani but it can easily be opaque all by itself in a few coats. It was a smidge on the thick side, but a few drops of Beauty Secrets thinner solved that.

Looks like granite!!

Hope you enjoyed my spamathon! Hooray for the 10 little canvases at the tips of our fingers!


  1. ALL of these are BEAUTIFUL especially the first layered one!

    1. thank you! Just wish I could have gotten better shots of them all...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm pretty sure I love all of these...and I love your stamping skills.


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