Thursday, May 10, 2012

all kindsa crazy new sightings at Target!

Swung by the ol Tar 'shzey today to see what I could see and OMG there was all kinds of awesomeness to behold! Check it:

One of the first things I saw when I came in was this display full of neon leopard fierceness. My eyeballs practically popped out of my head & I was all "Cos Bar? I don't know what a Cos Bar is but this stuff is looking freakin SWEET!" So I did a quick Google and apparently THIS is what Cos Bar is all about and Target, being awesome, has THIS amazing exclusive collection popping up in its stores. There's all kinds of goodies here--scrubs, scented soaps, body butters, towelettes, fun neon leopard beauty tools like tweezers and nail files and compact mirrors AND--last but not least -- NAIL POLISH!!!

(yea, I know I know--crappy cell phone pics)

I HAD to have the lime green shimmer (the polishes don't have names) . It was $3.00 so I figured what the hey ....expect swatches soon!

A closer look at some of the other stuff--body washes, towelettes, scrubs....oh my!


After I was done resisting the urge to take home that entire Cos Bar display, I moved on and came across these babies:

Essie's Summer 2012 collection!! Hammina hammina hammina!! Mojito Madness somehow made its way into my basket. (Swatchity swatch soon, I promise!)
So many pretties, so little money!

 ....AAAAAND look what was right above those essies:

Sally Hansen Magnetics!!!  They're 8.99 a pop. There's some really pretty shades here. I'm really liking the blue, green and copper shades. I ALMOST bought them but somehow managed to exercise restraint...THIS time. Oh that green is SO calling my name--looks almost like China Glaze Agro. I'll definitely be coming back for at least that one at some point!

So there ya have it, my adventures through Target. You like??


  1. I saw these and thought they were beautiful! But I didnt pick any up because I wasnt too intrigued.

    1. you are a much stronger woman than i!

  2. ACK!!! Why are you doing this to me????? LOL.
    That Cos Bar stuff looks neat and the price is right. :)

    1. LOL hey at least we can keep eachother company in the poor house! :)


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