Friday, May 11, 2012

New page added: Stampable polishes!

A few folks have asked me which polishes are good for stamping and, in response, I thought it'd be a good idea to create and keep an ongoing list of such stampalicious pretties to serve as a resource for nail art fanatics everywhere. You can find the tab underneath the blog's title where all the other page tabs like to hang out. 

I have personally used all the polishes on the list and can attest to their stampability. 

Over time, I intend to add swatches and stamping examples of all the polishes on the list but, for now, it's  just text. 

PLEASE if you know of other good stamping polishes, let me know and I'll include them in the list. Let's make it EPIC!!!


  1. Thank you so much! This is awsome because I always forget what can be used to stamp or not - doh! LOL.


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