Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Limited Edition collections everywhere I turn!

The ladies who work at my local drugstores must think I'm nuts--lurking around the makeup displays snapping pic after pic on my cell--but I happily make such a spectacle of myself to bring YOU, dear readers, the scoop! :) (lol me? an inflated sense of self importance? nahhhh...)

I scoped SO many new Limited Edition displays at my Walgreens. Ostensibly, I was there to buy orange juice for my sick husband--hey, I couldn't help it if I had to walk thru the makeup aisle to get to the beverage section! (Ok, I admit, that's total crap. The beverages are on the opposite side of the store & I took the scenic route to get to them)...

Here's just a few of the displays that caught my eye: (click pics to biggify!)

Yay for new limited edition smelly polish from Revlon! I got Lemon Meringue--cuz I need another pastel yellow like I need a hole in my head (I am SO obsessed with that color right now!)

BIG @$$ Sally Hansen end cap display. Look at all the LE goodness there is to be had! Let's break this mama down:

OOOOH, AHHHH Insta-Dri brights and neons!

LE Runway Complete Salon Manicure pretties. There's a gorgeous pastel yellow in this one too but I was strong enough to resist it (this time). The other shade that caught my eye here was a gorgeous blackened olive green shimmer aptly named Olive Branch...
Limited Edition Salon Strips. I'll be honest, none of the patterns called out to me. Plus, I'm not a salon strips kinda girl. I love the act of painting my nails too much for strips (yea I'm a freak I know).

Salon Strips for feet!! And LOOK! HOUNDSTOOTH! One of my favorite patterns!

And last but not least, new summer 2012 L'Oreal stuff featuring 3 new shades of Infallible shadows!! (that first shade on the left is Golden Sage--which  has already been around since these first hit the market here in the USA)...now I heard these were LE but I'm noticing there are numbers that go with the names...now I don't know if these are LE or not. Usually when products are LE, they don't get numbers that go with their names but these all have numbers...hoping they're core cuz I'm dying for new shades of those gorgeous Infallible shadows (LOVE those things!!)...

Also, I saw the new Revlon Gucci Westman stuff. I failed to get a pic of that display (totally thought I had but nada for it on my phone). You can get a good look at it here on Nouveaucheap....see that pretty teal polish second from the left? It's called Sheer Seafoam--I snatched it up as soon as I saw it--can anyone say Tealicious jelly sandwich mani?? nomnomnom

Now I just need more money so I can go buy it all!! If you decide you need to scoop some of these up, be sure to check the weekly drugstore beauty sales roundup over at Nouveaucheap!


  1. If you're a freak, I must be an even bigger freak...the act of painting my nails actually calms me down when I'm stressed. Lol. Weird, I know.

  2. ALL THE PRETTIES!!! I'm loving the LE neon Hanson polishes. :)


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