Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MIA No more!!

Hello blogosphere! Just a quick note to say I am still alive! I went away for the Memorial Day weekend and didn't get a chance to post an "I'm going away" message before I left. Well, I'm back home and ready to go on a post-athon to make up for the silence!

Here's what I'm working on to post this week:

--more swatches and reviews of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm-stains
--swatches and reviews of my entire ELF makeup stash. (I noticed Target has greatly expanded their ELF stock and ELF has also been reportedly popping up in Dollar Trees recently--so that inspired me to pull out and show off all my ELF stuff so you'll know what you should get and what you should skip!)
--the usual random NOTD/FOTD posts
--swatches of the new Sleek ultra matte palettes (which I got my hands on thanks to the wonders of Ebay)
--comparison swatches of the new China Glaze Neon polishes vs Color Club Electro-candy collection from 2009 (another batch of awesome, shimmering neons)

and, of course, I will continue to expand and update my stampable polishes list

So stay tuned for much yammering coming soon! :)

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