Friday, June 1, 2012

Swatchy McSwatchalot--my entire E.L.F. stash Vol. 1: The cream eyeshadows

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I've been seeing more E.L.F. products popping up in Target and also heard reports of them popping up in some Dollar Tree stores. This has prompted me to pull out every last E.L.F. product I have and swatch it. First up in the swatchathon: E.L.F. Studio cream eyeshadows!

first row left to right: Teal Party; Eggplant; Bronzed
second row left to right: Smoke; Pewter; Natural Glow

Teal Party--beautiful muted teal with stunning golden shimmer

Eggplant--shimmering maroon

Bronzed--medium warm brown with bronze shimmer

Smoke--dark grey with gunmetal shimmer

Pewter--shimmering taupe

Natural Glow--shimmering pale gold with larger gold shimmer particles

Swatched on bare skin in natural light
first row left to right: Teal Party; Eggplant; Bronzed
second row: Smoke; Pewter; Natural Glow

First thing I should note is I did not purchase these at Target or Dollar Tree recently. I've had them for over a year now (ordered them online). I did notice Target was carrying these the last time I went, though.


These shadows are housed in unnecessarily bulky square plastic jars. BUT I happened to notice during my latest trip to Target that the packaging has changed on the newest batches of this product. E.L.F. must have listened to customer outcry over the bulk and they greatly reduced the size of the jars (they're now about the same size as their cream liner jars are). The jars are very sturdy--no worries about breaking them if you drop one and they close tightly, forming a good seal. My year-old shadows are just as creamy and glide on just as nicely as they did the first day I got them.


I apply these with my fingers and, for the most part, they are nice and smooth and go on evenly. The only one I have a little trouble with is Natural Glow. Unlike the other shades I have, it has larger shimmer particles and the consistency is much more patchy. You can still get an even application but it takes much more effort. When I use these, I apply them over E.L.F. Essential eyeshadow primer.


Amazing!! Though I question some of the names (Pewter is no where near what I would consider pewter--but it's a gorgeous shimmering taupe and Eggplant makes me think of a much deeper purple than what E.L.F. offers but whatever), there is no question that these shadows are beautifully pigmented. For the most part, the base color and its accompanying shimmer are in the same tone family--except for Teal Party--such a gorgeous golden shimmer!! It makes me think of a mermaid's tail or something. It's definitely my favorite!


I've always worn these over E.L.F.'s eyeshadow primer and I've always used them as a base for powder shadow looks and in that context they last all day no matter what the temperature with no creasing or fading at all. 

Pricing: $3 a pop! Can't beat that!


I think these Studio Cream Shadows are some of the best products that E.L.F. makes. They were actually my first cream shadows ever and they paved the way for me to try many others--and lots of them much more expensive but, so far, the only ones that have come close to these shadows are the new Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows. 

I love using these shadows as a base--they give so much depth and dimension to any eye look. The only one I was slightly disappointed in was Natural Glow--the shimmer particles in that one were a little too large for my liking and it affects the shadow's consistency. I would without question repurchase the other shades, though, if they ever run out! Since you need so little product for each application, these things will most likely last forever!

Are you a fan of E.L.F. stuff? What about cream shadows?


  1. These look so pretty. I would love to use these as eyeshadow bases

  2. Your swatches look lovely! I have tried and liked a few elf products, but I have not tried these cream shadows. I will have to check them out. Thanks!

    1. thank you! they are definitely worth checking out--especially now that they've changed the packaging and they're becoming more available in stores!

  3. I've never figured out how to use cream shadows. I have some though but they always crease on me. I think I have oily eyelids.

    1. i also have oily lids. i've found that i can't use cream shadows alone. i have to apply a primer first and then layer a powder on top--so i consider them bases technically. in fact, i usually store them with my other bases in my stash.


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