Sunday, June 10, 2012

NOTD stamped neon skittles!!

I'm sure you noticed by now that this summer, it's ALL about the neons. Neon clothes, neon accessories, neon nails--hell I'm even rockin neon hair. For my NOTD, I decided to make the most of the neon trend with this:


For this mani, I used 5 of 6 polishes from Color Club's Electro-candy collection, which is, pretty much, my favorite neon polish collection EVER! Super bright colors and awesome shimmer--what more can a girl ask for??  As usual, my camera can't even come close to catching the true color & shine of these. Thumb is Tangerine Scream; pointer finger is Pure Energy; middle finger is Ultra Violet; ring finger is What a Shock (my favorite from the collection--neon green with awesome aqua shimmer!; pinky is Volt of Light. All polishes are layered over white and topped off with a coat of Seche Vite

The stamping is done with Wet n Wild Black Creme. I can't remember the plate I used, though. I think it was a Red Angel plate. I didn't really like the way the stamping turned out. My nubbins are so nub-tastic that not enough of the image got onto my nails, so it just looks like random black markings. Oh well...

Do you have any of the Color Club Electro-Candy neons? Originally, I thought the new China Glaze neons would compare to these and possibly steal my heart away from them but, when I finally got the China Glaze polishes, I found the Color Club ones to be much better. I'm working on a comparison post of some of the shades, so stay tuned for that!


  1. I love this mani and I can't wait to see your comparison post! Are the color club polishes still easy to find? I have been obsessing over getting the China Glaze collection, but my Sallys already sold out. I was going to try another Sallys but maybe I should try color club instead.

  2. i ran to Sally's when the China Glaze neons first came out. they had all the shades in stock but i passed most of them up because they were just so "meh"...i got a few just for comparison for the blog. i would def recomnend the Color Clubs. i got my set on here:


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