Sunday, May 20, 2012

A bag in a bag (and what's in the bag in a bag)

When you have a 19 month old child, there's no way you're getting out of the house without a big honkin bag full of baby paraphernalia...but if you're like me, you make sure to stash another mommy bag inside the baby bag.

Left: big honkin baby bag (complete with skull print and I <3 zombies pins). Right: lesser but still honkin mommy bag that lives inside big honkin baby bag.

I got this bag on clearance at Target. I'll buy anything with skulls on it...especially when those skulls are accompanied by unicorns and the price is greatly reduced.

And here's what lives insider the mommy bag!
Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
Udderly Smooth lotion (best lotion EVER and not just because of the cow print on the tube)
Maybelline Baby Lips--the minty one with no pigment 
Ecotools retractable kabuki brush
Neutrogena pimple-zapping pen
Gaudy bejeweled gold compact with a shoe on the front
Plastic thingy full of q-tips
CVS oil-absorbing sheets (Lurve those)
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear foundation powder
Burt's Bees lemon cuticle balm (which I have to actively refrain from nomming every time I smell it)
Nivea hand cream (yes, that's a total of 3 different moisturizing hand products in here)
The blush I happened to be wearing the day I shot this pic (Physicians Formula Happy Booster)
The lippie I happened to be wearing that day (Wet N Wild Fuchsia with blue flash)
Pill box with little black dresses printed on it--chock full o' Tylenol for when the kids won't stop screaming...

Nice and neatly organized--and still room for tons more crap.


  1. I have the same bag you use for your "mommy bag" lol but I got mine at Big Lots :) I got it because of the skulls and ravens :)

    1. Isn't it awesome? Best. Print. Ever!


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