Sunday, September 2, 2012

How do you make OPI 'Every Month is Oktoberfest' even more awesome??

You layer Ozotic Elytra 529 over it, that's how!

ugh tip wear AND messy cuticles :(

Awwww yea! It's a match made in polish heaven. The shifting blues, purples and oranges in the Ozotic just harmonize so well with Oktoberfest's inky vampy gorgeousness! Mwa! Bellissima! 

 Every Month is Oktoberfest, in my humble opinion is the absolute STAR of OPI'S Germany collection. To see its amazingness on its own, I refer you to every polish addict's swatch bible, the one and only Scrangie.

Ozotic 529 is  now discontinued and becoming harder and harder to find. Ninja Polish still has it in stock if you want to snatch a bottle up before it's gone for good. 

I'm afraid that's all for today. Gotta run but have lots of other photos and swatches coming up, so stay tuned! :)

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