Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NOTD: Can't be Decoded

S'up peeps. Look at me posting twice in the same week! You'd think I was, like, a good blogger or something O_O...

Today, I have another nail of the day post. I just wanted to mention that despite the fact that my posts have been nothing but nails lately, I have NOT switched to polish-only blogging. It's just that, when I get super duper rushed like I have been for the past few months (when will it END), pretty much all my makeup habits fall by the wayside, except for my nails. Nail polishing is the one thing I never lapse on because 1) my nails are absolutely FRIGHTFUL when nekkid and 2) polish is my one true original cosmetic addiction--therefore, it's the one form of self-pampering that I absolutely refuse to give up, so even if I'm bumming it in sweats and flip flops and no makeup and bandanas tied to my head to hide the birds nest underneath, my nails are still always impeccably polished. It's just how I roll.

Ok enough yammering and onto some pics:

This mani was just kind of randomly thrown together but I ended up loving it. This is 1 coat of Orly Can't Be Tamed over Orly Decoded (hence the dorky post title). I got both these polishes for pennies at Sally Beauty Supply's most recent red tag clearance sale (LOVE when they do those...half off already clearanced polishes??? YES PLEASE!)....

Decoded is from Orly's fall Electronica collection. It is a grey creme that seems to lean a little lavender to my eye. Layering Can't be Tamed on top definitely brings out that purply goodness.
Now decoded is an absolute dream formula wise. Smooth and buttery and 2 easy coats to perfection. Can't be Tamed on the other hand, not so much. I said it before and I'll said it again, Orly you have GOT to get a handle on this sinking glitter issue. This is the 4th Flash Glam polish that I have used and, so far, all 4 have had this problem. And its a shame because the polishes are gorgeous and it's so nice to see such unique, chunky glitters being produced by mainstream polish makers (not that I have anything against indie polishes--I love them but they are very hard to get ahold of and they are significantly more expensive than your average store-bought polish). 

Somebody needs to let Orly know that there is this amazing thing called SUSPENSION BASE and if you're going to come out with glitter bomb polishes, you HAVE to use it. Can't be Tamed has beautiful purple hexes mixed with smaller gunmetal glitters but it is seriously annoying to have to shake up the bottle every 2 seconds during your manicure just to be able to reach glitter with your brush. (sheesh did I use the word GLITTER enough in this post? I promise I am NOT going for a record or anything)...

So anyway, that's all I got for y'all today. Maybe someday soon I'll be able to get back to swatching, reviewing and even using all the makeup that is currently gathering dust in my bedroom but, for now, I hope you can survive on mani posts only. I know a majority of my followers are fellow lacquerholics, so I have a feeling you won't have a problem with it! :)

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