Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro neon glitter awesomeness

During my last trip to Sally's Beauty Supply, I couldn't help but notice the Nina Ultra Pro polishes have gotten a makeover. The bottle shape and the logo's print are different now and it seems they released a few new shades (they're new to me, anyway). There was one shade in particular that absolutely HAD to be mine: Electric Slide. Check it:

outdoors, full sun

outdoors full sun

outdoors full sun

outdoors shade

Electric Slide is a neon green sheer jelly polish full of translucent yellow gold and lime green glitter. GAWD I love this! Put glitter into neon ANYTHING and I am a happy far as I am concerned, everything needs a little glitter.

The above swatches are 2 coats of Electric Slide over a base of China Glaze "I'm with the Lifeguard." This combo just sent me into a state of neon polish Nirvana. These pics don't even come close to showing how retina-seering and sparkly these nails were. 

The formula was easy enough to work with. It was thin enough to spread the glitter out evenly but not watery and just thick enough that you got a good amount of glitter out on the brush (I hate when glitter polish bases are so wimpy that the glitter itself gets left behind in the bottle). Also, this polish dried surprisingly smooth--no Gelous needed, just my typical Seche Vite topcoat and I was good!

Nina Ultra Pro polishes are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and typically retail for $4.19-4.99.

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