Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hot holy holo--Jade Magia Negra

The sun came out today, so I took the opportunity to bust out the Jade Holografico polishes I just got from (AKA, magical polish shop that  bestows foreign & indie hard to get polishes upon the lacquer loving masses)!

Of course, I had to start with the black holo--Jade Magia Negra. Really I need to just shut up and show the pics:

(click to enlarge)

Jade Magia Negra-- $10.00 for 8ml

:::flat line:::: someone get the defibrillators!! This makes my black holo polish loving heart sooo happy!! This is no dull charcoal polish masquerading as black like so many holo polishes I've tried before. This is truly the blackest holo I've seen--blacker than Hits Zeus and Glitter Gal's 3d holo black (I'll post  comparison swatches soon)  and, though I don't have the polish myself so can't say for certain, I betcha anything it's blacker than Layla Flash Black. 

And the formula?? LOVE!! This is 1 coat of Magia Negra over 1 coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme. The polish laid itself down on the nail absolutely perfectly--none of the usual diva holo issues like streaking or balding--no special water base coats needed, no need to buff  nails down to freshly zambonied ice slickness. I'm thinking that polish brush is really a magic wand that just zapped my nails full of rainbows. And Seche Vite doesn't dull this holo either (another common issue with certain holos). Oh Jade, you are so easy to please. Other holos could learn so much from your chill, down to earth, laid back nature.

If you want a bottle of this, go see Leah Anne, the foreign/indie polish fairy at her shop. She's out of Magia Negra right now but she frequently restocks. You can keep up to date on restocks by following  Llarowe on Facebook and Twitter. She also has an email newsletter you can sign up for. 

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