Monday, August 27, 2012

Yep, still alive and I even did a glitter gradient!

Much like a bad penny or a poltergeist, I'm BAAA-AAAAACK...and look what I did:

My first ever glitter gradient!! Holla! Cross another nail art technique off my "I SO need to try that" list! 

My base color was Orly Emberstone, from their OMFG-amazeballs Mineral FX collection (to date my absolute FAVORITE collection Orly has ever put out). Then I sponged on a random gold glitter that I think I may have gotten at Old Navy at some point (but don't quote me on that)...then some Seche Vite top coat and bodda boom boddabing--ya got a glitter gradient. 

Now pray with me that I will find the time to upload and edit more pics so I can do more posts!!


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