Thursday, August 9, 2012

jelly sandwich + sticker-stencil stars

The minute I saw swatches of China Glaze Ride the Waves and heard tell of its jellyness, visions of stunning blue jelly sammies started dancing through my head. You know, kind of like this one: 

I do believe this is the most EPIC jelly sandwich I've ever conjured up. It's 1 coat of Ride the Waves plus 1 coat of Sally Hansen Multi-Facted, another coat of Ride the Waves, another coat of Multi-Faceted, one final coat of Ride the Waves and Seche Vite to finish 'er up. Just look at the squishy, speckly goodness!!

Ride the Waves is a beautiful bright blue jelly polish from China Glaze's summer neons collection. It doesn't quite venture into neon territory, but I still LOVE its vividness and the formula is perfect! It applies so smoothly--no dragging and no streaking--which makes it the ultimate jelly sandwich polish. And, like most jellies, it dries super glossy.

Multi-Faceted is part of a Limited Edition collection of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes that came out in the spring. It's a clear base filled with large black, silver, blue/violet holographic, very light pink holographic and very light gold holographic hex glitters. 

After about an hour or so, I decided I needed to do something ELSE to my nails (A.D.D. much??), so I busted out my bag of tricks and some little star stickers caught my eye. I found them  at Target a while ago for $.99. I bought them because they were small enough to fit entirely onto my nails (I'm constantly on the hunt for itty bitty stickers that can either serve as nail decals or as stencils for nail art)...and here's what I did with them:

Basically all I did was take a sticker, place it onto my nail, sponge over it with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City, peel the sticker off with my trusty Mash nail art tweezers & then I sealed the whole she-bang with top coat. I thought it made for an interesting look--with the speckly jelly sammy peaking through the star-shapes...

Hooray for using random, non-nail products in nail art!


  1. The sandwich look awsom,e when I saw the pics I though that was some indie nail polish.
    I'm glad that you explained how you did the star shape because I wasnt able to get it (doh! LOL).

    1. i thought it looked like an indie polish, too. i'm discovering that, with the right jelly and the right glitter polish, i can recreate so many indie polish looks. does that stop me from buying indie polishes though? no! lol


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