Monday, March 5, 2012

Yep, I'm still alive--and I got Color Club stash porn!

Aaargh!! This whole not-having-time-to-blog thing is killing me! Can't wait for the husband to get back home so I can post every day again!

While we all wait for my life to get back to normal (lol--using the words 'my life' and 'normal' in the same sentence--what a joke!), lets indulge in a little stash porn. Here's some Color Club for ya:

waiting for their close-ups...

Starry Temptress Collection. I love every last polish in this set. They are the oddest glitters I've ever seen. I can't get enough of their funky speckled-looking awesomeness.

Foiled Collection

Beyond the Mistletoe Collection

Backstage Pass Collection (I *THINK* that's what this collection is called...)...this collection would be awesome if it wasn't such a bitch to apply!

3 of the smelly Sally Beauty Supply Holiday polishes & Factory Girl--the only Color Clubs that I didn't get as part of a whole set...

So are you a Color Club fan?


  1. Hi Mama Glam,
    These are gorgeous. Are you planning on any swatches? I'd love to see the foils. Also, do you have any idea whether Color Club uses animal testing on their products? I really try to stick to cruelty-free whenever I have a choice.
    Thanks, and take care!

    1. I can swatch the foils for you, if you like! Is it ok if i do it on a nail wheel? I wish I had enough time to swatch every polish on my actual nails :(...

      Also, to answer your question, as far as I know, Color Club IS cruelty free. Vampy Varnish has a great list of cruelty-free companies here (as you'll see CC is on there):

  2. Nice collection! I have a few Color Club polishes. I like them so far, so I'll probably start buying more.

    1. They're great and I love that I can get whole sets of them for pretty cheap thanks to etailers like!

  3. I have Love'm Leave'm and I love it: smooth to apply, one coat cover the nail line.
    Swatches would be nice too see.

    1. Which ones would you like me to swatch? Would nail wheel swatches be acceptable? one day, I hope I have the time to do REAL nail swatches on my actual fingers...maybe when all my kids are in college lol

  4. If you live near a Ross, they have entire collections for $5.99! My closest Ross is in Chattanooga, so I don't get to go often but I did happen to be there last Friday. They had that glitter one and one called Petals or some such. I had them in hand, but the weather was so bad, they closed the store! Oh well... Maybe I can go back after my next dr 's appt!


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