Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's not too late to post my St Patty's day look, right?

Heck, green is awesome all the time--not just St Patty's day, so here we go:

This is the redonk look I was rockin on St Patty's day:

Green glitter gaudiness--gotta love it. 

The green glitter I used in this was the fantastically awesome Glamour Doll Eyes Eyelights in Cashed Out...I am LOVING these Eye Light glitters! They are so fine and sparkly and they are incredibly affordable too at only $4.00 for a full size pot (samples are available, too: 1.00 for .5 gram baggie and 1.75 for 1 gram of product in a 5 gram jar)! Once The Hubz gets back and I can get back to my regular blogging schedule, I'll be doing a massive swatch and review of Glamour Doll eye cosmetics...I'm SO frickin smitten!


NYX HD shadow base
several greens from BH Cosmetics 120 palette 1st edition
Sally Girl glitter adhesive patted on top of shadows
Glamour Doll Eyes Cashed Out affixed onto Sally Girl adhesive
Jordana Fabuliner in black
Maybelline The Falsies Flared
Wet N Wild Acapulco Glow Bronzzer under brow as highlight

Almay Clear Complexion foundation, powder and concealer
Garnier anti-dark circle eye roller
Physician's Formula Happy Booster blush
Wet N Wild Acapulco Glow Bronzzer

random clear lip gloss (think it was NYC Liquid Lipshine)

Of course the green glitter didn't stop on my eyes. It spread to the nails too courtesy of Orly Here Comes Trouble. If I had more time, I would have busted out some nail art shamrocks or something but, as I've mentioned before, I am severely short on time right now. 

Oh how I love this polish!!


  1. Your makeup is beautiful and that polish is just absolutely stunning!

  2. Back in the day,women used to match their nails to their lips.I like the matching nails to the eye look,personally!

  3. Great "Fotd", besides the prettyness (I'm sorry if this is not a real word, my english is rusting "^_^) what I really like was the affordable list of products (no MAC, no NARS) and great results.
    Thank you.


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