Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOTD: Color Club UNDER the MIstletoe

This gorgeous lime green glittery gem is Color Club UNDER (not beyond) The Mistletoe. It's a green jelly base packed with lime green and silver micro-glitter. It is every green glitter lover's dream:  

(scuse the awkward thumb--I'm hiding a cuticle booboo)

Formula is very comparable to the Beyond the Mistletoe glitters--kinda thick but not completely unworkable. I did 3 coats plus 2 coats of SV as this is a typically thirsty glitter...

I found this curious little polish while I was on Victoria's Nail Supply hauling China Glaze Electropops & Hunger Games polishes. As you'll see if you click on the link, this polish is apparently part of a rather large limited edition Japanese glitter set. I really can't find much more info about the collection. I got this one and 3 others: Too Violet, Blue Hawaii and I Love You. So far as I can see, VNS is the only place that has these glitters...I'll post swatches of the other 3 shades later on.

Oh btw, this polish is NOT pictured in the recent Color Club stash porn post I did the other day because I just received it in the mail yesterday along with the rest of my VNS haul.

Does anybody else know about these mysterious polishes?


  1. That site has the cheapest prices for China Glaze I've seen! But when I tried to look at Essie, it said I had to register. Do you have to be a nail tech to order from there?

    1. I know that there are certain polish brands that they only sell to salons--like OPI, for instance (well back when they used to sell OPI, which apparently they don't do anymore). I haven't tried to buy any Essies from them but maybe Essie is one of those "salon only" polishes. I tried to test it with my log-in just now to see if it was just a matter of registering but unfortunately, it's glitching and telling me "page not found" :(


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