Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green nail polish is awesome...

Kermit might have issues with the color, but I LOVE me some green--so since it is March and St Patty's day is coming up, I thought I'd do a post about my favorite green polishes. I managed to narrow the list down to 10 --yes I said 10. At first I wanted to include pretty much every green polish I own cuz I'm excessive like that. Anyway, I present to you, crappily photographed in no particular order :::shakes fist at grey, foggy weather::::, my picks:

no flash


1. Sinful Colors San Francisco--gorgeous forest green shimmer
2. Orly Here Comes Trouble--bright. green. glitter. need I say more?
3. OPI Jade is the New Black. It's like the Stairway to Heaven of green polishes. There's no denying it's a classic.
4. Zoya Apple. That gold shimmer gets me every time. 
5. Finger Paints Guggen-I'm Lime-Lime green is my favorite shade of green and this one is so lime, I can practically taste the zing just by looking at it.
6. China Glaze It's Alive--this spot in my heart used to be occupied by Zombie Zest but the multi-sized glitter in that murky base is just too stunning, so poor ol ZZ got pushed right off the top 10 list.
7. Pure Ice Wild Thing. Guggen-I'm Lime's creme cousin. Lip-smackingly tangy.
8. Nubar Reclaim. Green + holo = AWESOME.
9. Sinful Colors Irish Green-a near-neon green squishy-as-hell jelly. Perfect for jelly sammiches!
10. One of my favorite polishes of all time--Color Club Glitter Envy from their awesome Starry Temptress collection--so unique with its bright green base and that odd but awesome speckled glitter!

Yes, Kermit it IS easy to be green infact...if you're finger nails, that is. 

So what do you think of my picks? Did I forget any?


  1. I don't own OPI Jade is the New Black, but Don't Mess With OPI is one of my favorite greens. <3

    1. I have Don't Mess with OPI too and it is very close to JITNB.

  2. Great picks! I'd say you forgot China Glaze Four Leaf Clover! Perfect St. Pats green :)

    1. YES! I don't own Four Leaf Clover but I've heard tell of its legend--and seen some gorgeous swatches online!

  3. Great picks!! I've got quite a bunch of greens trying to find the perfect one.

    1. I'm trying to figure out which one I should wear on St Patty's day itself...I'm leaning towards Sinful's Irish Green with a coat of Green Ocean on top (which I JUST found at my local Walgreens--yay!)...


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