Friday, March 23, 2012

total bummer: My Wet N Wild Flora and Fauna collection swatches came out all jacked up!

Yep, I managed to snag both  LE Wet N Wild spring makeup sets (for ONCE, my Walgreens had somthing LE!!). If you haven't heard about these yet, they are 2 sets of Wet N Wild cosmetics that come with a tube lipgloss, an eyeshadow trio, a blush and a bottle of Fast Dry nail polish. Here's a pic of the sets for reference:

Flora--a collecton of warm shades

Fauna--a cool shade collection (no pun intended)

I swatched and photographed everything but all the photos came out completely washed out cuz I was dumb enough to snap pics in full mid-day unfiltered sun. Oh well--lesson learned. I will reswatch and rephotograph soon, I promise! Just a few words til then:

 Both the eyeshadow trios are exclusive to this collection--and I confess I got these sets for the shadows alone cuz I'm a total WnW shadow freak. These shades live up to the hype and are the typical buttery, gorgeously pigmented awesomeness I have come to expect from Wet N Wild.  , Also,  the nail color in the Fauna color is the core Teal or no Teal, but the polish in the Flora collection is NOT a repackaged core collection polish. It's called Twining Vines and it's a gorgeous shimmering gold/green that looks JUST like the LE Summer 2011 Ocean Grotto shade from the Mermaid's Cove collection (which I never managed to track down because--like I mentioned--my local Walgreens usually blows when it comes to LE Wet N Wild releases)...

so consider this post a default teaser post...promise to get swatches up ASAP!

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