Saturday, April 7, 2012

EPIC Glamour Doll Eyes 23 eyeshadow and eye light swatchfest!!

Ok, so a while back, I decided I needed me some Glamour Doll Eyes makeup. It was all's fault. You can only look at so many mind-blowing looks created with a product before you cave and order a big honkin haul of said product. And yes, I ordered this all with my own money--no freebies and no discounts in exchange for reviews (I don't think my piddly little blog would qualify for anything like that yet anyway) and I didn't even bother getting sample sizes. As my girl Ani Di Franco says "If you're gonna do it over do it. That's how you know you're alive. Go ahead take yourself a coma nap & take a puddle dive" I got frickin 23 full size jars of eyeshadows and eye lights...and I'm SO glad I did.

So here's the deal about Glamour Doll Eyes shadows (so far as I understand it). They divide their eyeshadows into 2 categories: eye lights and, um, well, eyeshadows. Eye lights are amazing shimmer-tastic super fine, super gorgeous eye-safe glitters. The eyeshadows are beautiful, superfine mineral shadows that seem to melt and coat the skin with gorgeous opaque color. I decided to divide my swatches according to category.

First up, the eye lights.

All swatches are taken in full sunlight over Sally Girl glitter adhesive (yea, those itty bitty 99 cent tubes that you probably thought were lip glosses--nope they're glitter adhesives and they're actually pretty damn good)

Column 1 top to bottom: Glow Stick (day-glo lime green); Techno (awesome teal); Cashed Out (gorgeous deep green)
Column 2: Pink Cadillac (girly sugary pink); Ditzy (a rosy pink)
Column 3: Steam Punk (warm bronze); Hollywood )silver HOLO!)
Column 4: Fierce (gorgeous true red); Circus (true citrusy orange)
Column 5: Rave (royal purple); Legit (a very yellowy gold)

Of course, as always, I must first apologize for my camera. It sucks and I need a better one and I'm seriously saving up for one. Despite my camera's disproportionate amount of suck, you can still see these glitters are frickin amazing. I've used Cashed Out in my St Patty's Day look and I've used Rave and Fierce in other looks that I didn't get around to photographing and they are so amazingly easy to work with. They are super fine glitters so they stick incredibly well and lend such gorgeous drag queen sparkle to any look you use them in. 

Eye Lights are available for $4.00 per full-size pot. You can get your pot with or without sifters (I opted for no sifters cuz, basically, I hate sifters). You can also purchase samples for much less.

Up next are the eyeshadows. The pricing for these is as follows:  full size eyeshadows are $6.00 (sifter jars: 1.5-2 g of product; non-sifter jars: 2-2.5 g of product). Sample baggies (0.5g of product) are $1.25 and sample jars (1g of product in a 5g jar) are $2.50.

Top row: Veteran (amazing blue with red sparkle); Bruised (a darkened purple with black undertones and beautiful aqua sparkle); Fabulous (a teal); Jailhouse Jumpsuit (shimmering orange); Sarcasm (a chartreuse with black undertones); Oddity (an olive/lime green)
Bottom Row: Ahoy Sailor (deep dark blackened blue--the only matte in the bunch); Pinky Swear (amazing violet flash!); Aqua Foil (basically looks like its name sounds); Electric Lemonade (shimmering yellow); Franken Glamour (lime green with gold undertones; Back Stabber (a springy green with silvery undertones).

Every last one of these shadows is amazing! So pigmented and shimmering and buttery (except for Ahoy Sailor, which is a matte)--I swatched these all over NYX HD eyebase and I barely had to touch my brush to my skin to get such gorgeous impact. The only one that was a bit tricky was Ahoy Sailor. I had to go over that one twice to achieve full opacity (had to go over it 2 whole times?! such a travesty, I know lol)...

Anyway, bottom line on these shadows is this: They're gorgeous, a breeze to work with  and they're downright affordable, dagnabit. I'd tell you to go get some NAOW but apparently, the Glamour Doll Eye website is offline until April 20th. You can still keep up with them via their Facebook and Twitter, though. But when the site's back, you BEST go get some pretties!


  1. I love eyeshadow but never use the ones I buy so I decided to not buy anymore and stick only whit the nail polish.

    1. lol i started out with the nail polish and then branched out to other cosmetic hoarding. eyeshadow comes second to nail polish because I love color!

  2. Holy crap, these look awesome. I love a good eyeshadow, and some of these look perfect for creating a lemming for me. ;)

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say Congrats on 100+ followers (I am one!)and the new website really rocks! Gorgeous!

    1. hi Isis! Thank you. Always love your comments and support :)

  4. oh my, this is like heaven :) Legit is my fav!


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