Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indie polish bonanza--Whimsical Ideas by Pam--Hatched!!

To continue on with my current indie polish obsession, I have a very special NOTD today. When I first emailed Pam with my "wish list" (I didn't dare think of it as an order at the time), I almost died when she actually seny me back an invoice!! Had I actually obtained some beautiful, feverishly coveted handmixed polish WITHOUT having to stalk a website or spend months on a waiting list?? You bet I did!

This is the first of 6 beauties I am thrilled to show off--HATCHED!

(click photos to enlarge--but only if you promise to ignore gnarly cutes & stray glitters)



This is 2 coats of Hatched over 2 coats of Revlon Sunshine Sparkle with the usual Seche Vite top coat. GAWD I love the pastel yellow awesomeness--and those gorgeous pink & violet hexes in amongst the multi-colored micro-glitter. It's like Easter exploded all over your nails! 

Hatched was a breeze to work with. I didn't have to fight with any of the glitter. It's suspended really well in the bottle, so no digging necessary and it spread out on the nail all nice and even-like. For REAL, Pam, you got the polish-making SKILLS!!

If you want to get your hands on your own bottle, hop on over to Pam's Facebook page. Her polishes are $10 a pop and she does all her orders by email. You send her a message stating what you want and if she has it in stock, she'll send you an invoice. Give her some time, though. It took about 3 days for her to send an invoice back after I sent my initial message. After I paid (via Paypal), the polishes were in my mailbox in less than a week! With everybody scrambling to get some of her polish, I'm amazed at how fast her turn-around time was!

Stay tuned for more Whimsical Ideas swatches! 

So have you been bitten by the indie polish bug yet?


  1. That does look very Eastery,I was imagining scrambled eggs.

    1. it's SO gonna be my go-to easter polish from here on in!

  2. Beautiful color. Good to hear that the glitter is suspended well, that's always my pet peeve with indies. I will go check her out. Thanks for the head's up!

    1. yep. that's why I store half my indie polishes upside down--to keep the glitter off the bottom. I also add my own monster-size balls (hehehe) to mix them up better but this polish doesnt need any special treatment!

  3. I REALLY wanna try this polish out. So darn cute!!! Btw, I awarded you! (=


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