Saturday, April 7, 2012

I actually kinda love this...

Here are 2 other polishes I picked up during my recent epic 5 Below haul. This is Funky Fingers Teal Scales over Mrs. Mint.

Yep, that's right--more crack. I've seen Teal Scales on about 7000  blogs and loved it every time, so when the chance came to finally have a bottle of my own, despite my professed "overness" of crackle polishes, I still snatched it up and I'm glad I did. My stupid craptastic camera does NOT do this pretty polish justice. It's a gorgeous gold glitterfied teal jelly polish with an amazing gold flash that almost sends it into the duo-chrome realm. I just wish I could find a shade like this that was a solid (i.e., non-crackle) polish cuz it is freaking amazeballs on-a-stick.

Mrs. Mint--despite the stupid name (why is this particular mint married?) is nothing to sneeze at either. Yes it is yet another one of those pastel mint green polishes that we've been seeing EVERYWHERE--but this one has the prettiest subtle gold shimmer that is actually APPARENT on the nail (I always hate when the shimmer never makes its way out of the bottle it's in). Once again, my camera is anti-awesome and refused to see any of the true uniqueness of both of these polishes--but hey, that's what I get for being a broke-ass cheap-skate and not shelling out for one of those DSLR joints...

BTW, stay tuned for my massive Glamour Doll Eyes swatch post. 23 shadows and eye-lights long--busy cropping and sifting thru the 5 zillion pics I took. Will hopefully have the post up by the meantime, marvel over the cuteness that is the GDE label: 

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