Saturday, April 7, 2012

just a quickie post to show off the exciting nail mail i just got!!

Yes I have been bitten by the indie polish bug. My very first etsy polishes just came. I'm expecting a few others but I couldn't wait to show these 3 off!!

From left to right:
Beauty School Drop Out by Aqua Daisy. (Black, white and holo glitters in an adorable cotton candy pink base)
Coda by Kunimitsu (black, white, red, silver and holo glitter in a black base)
the infamous Sneeze Breeze (it's finally mine!!) by The Hungry Asian (black and blue micro glitter)

Can't wait to swatch these babies!! It's really ridiculous to be this excited over nail polish, I know...

and as a bonus, thought I'd show off my awesome new spiked sandals since they also just came today:

got 'em at Forever 21 for 20 bucks.  And surprisingly, the spikes really are riveted into the straps and the veggie leather does NOT look plastic or cheap!  Holla for practical, ventilated but still punkagothalicious feet this summer lol

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  1. Beauty School Drop Out by Aqua Daisy = I liked very cute.
    Coda by Kunimitsu nice too but is sold out :S
    Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian: sometimes I want to have it sometimes not (yeah I'm a nail polish bipolar LOL)
    Nice Thong Sandals.


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