Friday, April 6, 2012

sooo, what do y'all think of the new look?

Ok, I think I'm done tweaking the layout (she says like 3 days later).  I kept all the content the same. This overhaul was strictly cosmetic.  Nail polish background, retro colors, a new font and, much like my butt, everything's a bit wider now. So, you like? You no like?  Holler atcha girl and let her know!


  1. I noticed that you're a neon fan (neon eyeshadow, neon blog template :D )
    Actually I'm not paying too much atention to the template but what i REALLY like is that your pics are REAL, I mean like your OPI "Thanks a Windmillion" swatch = its the real thing not some manipulated pic.
    Thanks for your hard work trying to improve.

    1. i'm glad you appreciate my realness lol. truth is, I couldn't manipulate a pic even if i WANTED to. the only thing I know how to do to a pic is crop it lol...and yes you are right. I LOVE me some neons!!


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